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Visiting SF convention "Rikon"

Today we're brushing the next in line of post release updates, and after overnight tests we hope to release it tomorrow. In the meantime, we wanted to share great experience from Rikon conference in Rijeka couple days ago. It is a convention of SF enthusiasts and there are really some awesome individuals coming there. Game development was presented this year for the first time, and was incredibly well accepted! 

It was easy to recognize new young hopes and future of the industry...


Written by Mario Mihokovic on Wednesday October 15, 2014

Take 'em down

War Platforms in Gemini enjoyed an easy existence since release but Karlito made sure to put an end to it by pitting all the good guys against them.

...that includes all the good men and women serving aboard your vessel as gunners.

Written by Kele on Friday October 10, 2014

First upgrades to mercenaries

Today we added a few things to mercenaries. After some testing, parts of new elements have been added to patch released today. Bigger upgrades are on route...

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Tuesday October 7, 2014

Optimizing Riftways

On to Riftways. Those gigantic swirls of green suck (as they are called), are pretty heavy on the GPU rendering (not PhysX as they don't use NVIDIA's PhysX). As with asteroids in the post below rifways can be tamed also with "Environment Detail" option in game's Video settings. This time there is alot of FPS increase, even on decent (I think it's decent!) PC. Here is a video which shows FPS in upper right corner, and how changing Environment Detail option changes the FPS.

This video was recorded on an PC with these specifications:

  • Intel Core i7-4770 (3.40GHz) CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti with 2048MB GDDR5
  • 8GB DDR3
  • Windows 8.1

Frame jump is considerable, from 47FPS to over 60 when the option is on Low. We've also tested it on another PC (that PC in the previous post about asteroids), and there the FPS jump was from 35 to 60. Riftways should be less problematic now, so be sure to check you'r Environment Detail option in Video settings!

Written by Mihajlo on Friday October 3, 2014

Optimizing those asteroids


Well, we have been working on optimizing the game (we should have done it alot sooner but, as it always happens, some other things get precedence). We're currently working on optimizing two things: asteroids (junkyards also), and riftways for lower end computers.

First asteroids. We've limited the number of asteroids (that is skipped them to be exact), through option "Environment Detail" in game's Video settings. We bring you two images together with an FPS counter in the upper left corner. Left one is for Low environment detail, and the right is for High.









These images were printscreened on an PC with:

  • Intel Core i5-3350P (3.10GHz) CPU
  • AMD Radeon HD6700 series GPU with 1024MB GDDR5
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • Windows 8.0

There is a 6 FPS increase, (from 24FPS to 30FPS), but on older PC-s increase could be even higher. Be sure to check that Environment Detail setting if you're experiencing some FPS drops!

Next optimization entry will be on riftways, they do take a lot of FPS!

Written by Mihajlo on Friday October 3, 2014

Work work

Hi everyone!

It's been a few days since we last had a chance to bring you up to date. As you may have noticed we've been hard at work, squashing bugs, optimizing the game (thanks to new feedback, since our active playerbase grew several times over) and bringing new balance tweaks an options.

Valdyr wrote some pretty smart optimizations (a whole bunch of them) and added them into a simple option called "Environment Detail" which previously affected less objects in the game. Still needs a few tweaks but it should have a nice stability impact for lower-end PCs as it uses less memory and processing power. He also did some tweaks with the riftway, allowing for an easier time exiting them. We read on the forums that they were perceived as traps rather than additional global transport mechanisms, which is why we had to act!

We did numerous balance tweaks regarding the accelerated experience gain rate and small life-saving stuff like the cloak's power consumption rate. It goes without saying that the game is a lot more stable now than it was 3 days ago. We regret that it wasn't this stable at launch just a few days ago (and some are even asking why we didn't postpone the release by those few days) Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to examine the sheer amount of players with loads of different configurations before. With most early access players patiently waiting for release and the number of our active players skyrocketing after release we were overwhelmed by the increased number of different configurations, 3rd party conflicting programs and owners of pirated copies asking us for support (Mario wrote a gentleman's letter to those people)

The battle rages on as we fight these menacing bugs!

Written by Kele on Thursday October 2, 2014

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