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Hi everyone!

This has been one amazing (and exhausting) weekend. Amazing community reception as well as turning up as one of the top 3 sellers boosted our morale beyond the edge of Gemini.
We're working now in 3 shifts to handle all reports as soon as possible so it's still pretty chaotic in the studio :)
Karlito and Danijel have been busy fixing the campaign scripts. Turns out there were several errors that mysteriously came to existence even after we've thoroughly tested each mission. Them gremlins been stalking their code for days.
Valdyr has been hard at work fixing all from the recently common to the most obscure graphical glitches and issues. He's also been consulting with Oliver about further optimizations and additional plans to resolve remaining memory leaks.
Danijel and I examined numerous (never-before-found) localization errors and found several ways to resolve them. We're making steady progress to reduce the amount of issues with the German and Russian versions.
Oliver and Tomislav have continued with their track record of perfectly synced bug sorting and number crunching.
Mario had the  unsavory task of re-saving most of the audio files because we've recently implemented a brand new audio system (go team!)

Progressing  in teams of 2-3 people at a time along with the rest of the team constantly collecting user feedback - we've managed to form a solid workflow so you can expect us to deliver updates in record time!

I'd also like to thank our community members for being so welcoming to new players and providing amazing support. You guys are amazing!

I'm leaving you with a compilation of motivational messages we've had the pleasure of reading these past few days:
Written by Kele on Sunday September 28, 2014

Cheers everyone!

A toast from the Little Green Men!

Written by Kele on Friday September 26, 2014

Starpoint Gemini 2 released!!!

It's been a long ride for all of us. We wouldn't have made it without your generous support!

Thank you everyone!!!

Written by Kele on Friday September 26, 2014

Remembering Year '94 in gaming world...

Trip down the memory lane. This is how Starpoint Gemini 2 would look like in time of our youth... Brings back so many gaming memories... 


Written by Mario Mihokovic on Thursday September 25, 2014

We are saved... Oliver just went to pick up supplies for next couple of days

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Saturday September 20, 2014

News today... Oliver steps out...without any comment...

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Thursday September 18, 2014

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