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Our team is proud to announce that successful  cooperation with Iceberg Interactive will be continued! Next epic adventure in Gemini will be a game crafted by thousands of ideas that spawned in our awesome community, during and after creation of Starpoint Gemini 2.

Are you ready to raise the stakes? Are you ready to think bigger? Are you ready to be a Warlord?


Written by Mario Mihokovic on Wednesday June 24, 2015

Starpoint Gemini 2: Origins FREE DLC now available on Steam!

Here's a little something from us here at LGM :). We've been working hard to get this DLC out. It's free as stated before and as promised in Early Access. It's a THANK YOU from us to You, the community, for your support and dedication, and for putting up with us all this time. We couldn't have wished for more

Starpoint Gemini 2 Origins

Experience 40+ hours of gameplay with a blast from the past - the entire singleplayer campaign from the original Starpoint Gemini was reconstructed in the new engine. Experience ye good old dialogs with hilarious voiceovers (some featuring the devs themselves) and completely reworked 3D models from the original.

Written by Kele on Thursday June 11, 2015

First official DLC finally arrives! What is the secret of Aethera?

We've completed tests on first DLC upgrade and released both "Secrets of Aethera" and regular, content update. Work will continue as plans for bigger upgrades are pretty tight this year. But first, it is time to monitor players reactions and be prepared to jump on any discovered bug or technical problem...

Meanwhile, we really hope you'll enjoy new enemies, weapons, spaceships and missions...


Written by Mario Mihokovic on Wednesday February 18, 2015

A whole bunch of new stuff just around the corner...

We started final testing of two major updates. First will be large regular update with a lot of new game elements, second will be first official DLC for Starpoint Gemini 2 called Secrets Of Aethera.

And these expansions will also lay the foundation for even more extensive add-ons in the future...

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Friday February 13, 2015

New heroes on the drawing board

Many experienced captains already completed the search for all Gemini heroes. But have no fear, new ones will soon enter combat arena...

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Wednesday February 4, 2015

More input...more input...

Today we've released first update in 2015. Plan is to continue with same pace and determination as last year. Gemini can handle so much more :) . Check the changelog in more details on Steam announcements. 

Rest of us, meanwhile, are already tackling some greater future surprises...

Written by Mario Mihokovic on Tuesday January 13, 2015

Starpoint Gemini 2 is supported by the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts of the Republic of Croatia.