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Apocalypto Apocalypse

Apocalypto Apocalypse By James777FS2

This mod allows you to use the Apocalypto Carrier from the Origins DLC in the standard game or with the other DLC packs, you can find it at Alexandria Battlestation, near Planet Korkyra.

This mod comes with three different versions, only use the one that matches with your game setup.

ApocalyptoApocalypse: Base game and Origins DLC
ApocalyptoApocalypseSoA: Base game and Origins DLC + Secrets Of Aethera DLC
ApocalyptoApocalypseTitans: Base game and Origins DLC + Secrets Of Aethera DLC + Titans DLC



Fixed a bug with the mod preview image in ApocalyptoApocalypseTitans version.


Apocalypto price increased.
Apocalypto selling location made consistent in all versions of the mod.
The mod will no longer crash the game after enabling the mod for the first time and starting the game up again, you no longer need to copy the DLC ships to the main ships folder.


Original version.

Contact Me

If you find any bugs or glitches, contact me on the Starpoint Gemini Forums or send me an e-mail at

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The mod has now been updated to work with the Titans DLC, please read the original post to see the other updates and changes.

The mod has been updated with a small bugfix about the mod preview image in ApocalyptoApocalypseTitans version, thanks to Foxtrot39 for finding that.

Have placed the mod in the modfolder and activated the mod in the game, and i go to the Battelstation, land on it nad there is no Apocalypto, just another ship.. what an i doing wrong?? Have allso started a new game everytime to check that i havent done something wrong.. And to be on the safe side, can anybody make a noob guide too how place this mod at the right place... Yepp im a noob when it comes to mods and placing them at the right place. Just to be 100% correct this is my game path:

D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Starpoint Gemini 2\Mods