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Custom ships.

I want to add mk2 versions of three ships (Neptune, Nibiru and Jupiter).

To do this I've worked out so far I need to edit the following
World.ics - add entries in "Ships: 116" for all planets and increment to 119.
Ships.wdt - add three copies of these ships to the end.

What I was wondering with this, can I just add a copy of the new *.shp file into the mods folder, eg Neptune2.shp to "Neptune" folder or will I need to copy the whole models\Ship folder and rename to "Neptune2"?

Does the Turret scale have any effect on weapon performance, or is this purely cosmetic?

EDIT - found new info

From what I recall playing about with ship modding a few months ago, as long as the ship's 3D model is unchanged you don't need an entirely new folder. Just make sure ships.wdt lists the right .shp file you want the new variants to use.

Turret scale, iirc, is 100% cosmetic, and only changes the visual size of the turret on the ship.