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can't edit .shp files

I just started modding this game, and while all the files in the base directory I can mod easily, the .shp files in the ship models directory, which are supposed to be editable via notepad ++, come out as binary.

I tried loading the language files you have for download, but no go.

so I have two questions:

how am i supposed to edit .shp files?

why are the .shp files not standard ascii like all the other configuration files are?

nevermind, I figured it out. you decided to use compression on your shp files, for some unknowable damn reason, since they are only 5k to begin with!

what's REALLY funny, is that even your material editor CAN'T READ THOSE FILES.

whoever made the decision to compress those files?

yeah... you should let them go.

sometimes saving a penny, you lose a pound.

it was an optimisation done for Xbox version of the game. It wasn't supposed to go out for PC version as it doesn't improve performance as drastically as it did for Xbox and makes it little bit harder for modders but it is out now. Both compressed and uncompressed versions of the files will work.