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Introductions (for new captains)

Hey everyone. Got the game last week in the sale on XBL, and its awesome, just awesome. I had never even known it was out but I'm so glad it went on sale so the profile could be raised a bit and get it out to more people.

Ive been playing it all week and its great. We need more games like this on consoles.

Ive got my eyes set on a Tsar, not stopping till I get there...

Hello all. I just downloaded this title on the Xbox One, and am already having a blast just tooling around in the starter ship. Currently I am aspiring to Cruiser Command, with an eye towards Carrier and Boarding OPS. (Thinking: Saratoga or Hydra S class Cruisers..?) I look forward to diving into the accumulated knowledge here, and afterwards becoming a productive Forum Member. *salutes* - NsZ
"Battleships, Dreadnoughts, and Carriers are great, but never forget that it's your Cruiser Squadrons that form the backbone of the Fleet, and your Destroyer, Frigate, and Strike Craft Squadrons that keep it Safe"
-Captain Zodiac, Mercenary Hydra-S Class Cruiser "Hope Burns Bright"

Hello all I've been playing the game on Xbox One now for a couple of weeks and love it. Right up my space lane. I am also one of those older players - 43 - so please speak up or write in large font.

I was wondering if the developers we likely to patch some of the bugs in the Xbox version - have to reload saved games for main missions that won't progress - as it is a bit annoying to have to replay a few times.

Also is there a DLC coming? That would be awesome.

Thanks Big Grin

Hello all, I just heard and downloaded starpoint for Xbox and am liking it so far. I've been an avid sci-fi reader years and couldn't resist.

Welcome Fergysmeg Smile

Any questions etc, don't hesitate to post, and we shall endeavor to help you out Smile

Hey Guys, just downloaded it on Xbox One recently as well. Look forward to playing with you guysSmile

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this game on Xbox One.  I'm a long time space game enthusiast going all the way back to Freelancer and Descent: Freespace.  I most recently purchased Elite: Dangerous for both PC and Xbox One but that one kind of fell off for me.  So far I am loving this game, though the lack of movement on this board is a little frightening.  Is there anyone still playing this game on Xbox One?  Oh btw, my name is Frank and you can find me on Xbox @ DivinityChained

Hey man, I'm glad you stopped by.

Yeah, there are people playing, but since it's single player and since the game is complete, there is probably no reason for them to hang here. Smile

We also have a Club named Starpoint Gemini on Xbox so you can join there. It's not very active atm, but it will be when Warlords come to Xbox One. Smile
Feel free to add me on Xbox, I'm Zenoslaf.
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