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World map sector size

I am trying to understand the geometry of the hex-based world map in SPG2.
I assume that the numbers describing positions in world, region and sector files correspond to the distance measurements used in-game, showing for instance the distance to your current waypoint.
Unfortunately I have not been able to find indications in these files for the width and height of a sector hexagon.
By comparing positions of objects that appear to be near the same location of their sectors I have approximated the horizontal width at the widest part of a sector hexagon to be 8775-8825 units and the vertical height of a sector to be 7625-7675 units.
However, approximations are of limited use to me – it would be great to have the actual numbers.
Any of you guys come across this information?

You can investigate it more closely with putting this in testScript. And running it in game with F9. It will print your current position to log.txt

float3 posPlayer ;
ship GetPlayer GetPosition posPlayer ;
PrintMessageVar _PlayerCurrentPosition: FLOAT3 posPlayer ;


Hey Max,

Thank you for the example. I recon it is worth a try. I imagine the precision is not very high when activating the script manually.

As far as I understand there is a script that does some stuff when your ship crosses between sectors. Do you know whether it is possible to hook a script example like this up to that process and have it print location information to the log file automatically?

So far, it appears from the data I have looked at that the origin of the sector map is located at the center of sector 0.