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A few questions...

So, I've been working on a new mod but I'm a bit stuck with a few things.

First question, has anyone else had problems when adding/using new weapons or equipment, I've tried adding a new piece of equipment and then adding it to a station via script. However, while the game adds the item to the station normally, when you use the item on your ship, the equipment's script doesn't work. A similar thing happens with weapons, I've tried copying the KNS I and adding a variant of that weapon at the end of the LightWeapons.wdt file but when used in game, it behaves like a railgun that fires once.

Second question, is there a way to change the text strings in the interface, I know some text can be edited in the misc.txt file, I've tried changing "Licenses" to "Upgrades" but this only affected the tooltip and not the headers or buttons.

Last question for now, at the end of the TITANS DLC missions, the game adds a titan to your hanger, is this a hardcoded function or can this been done by a script file?

1) Details about weapon effects are located in GameRoot\Spg2\Weapons\Dragoon and in LightWeapons.wdt row of the weapon. I suggest you transfer it to excel to have a better overview of what you should change and what not to.

2) I am not entirely sure for text strings as I never worked on those but I think it is all relevant to GameRoot\Spg2\Panels

3) You can add a ship to your garage:

game AddShipToGarage _ShipIdHere_ _ShipNameHere_ _HeavyWeaponIdToEquipToAllSlots_ ;

and you can change your current ship on the fly:

player SetShipId _ShipIdHere_ 1 ;

Thanks for the reply, the AddShipToGarage function works perfectly and the SetShipId one might come in handy too.

I've had a quick look at the panel files before, I'll have a closer look and see if I have any luck.

As for weapons, when I copied the KNS, the only thing I changed was the power drain so it should still be using the same effects as the normal one but like I said, it acts like a railgun instead of a beam.

Make sure you copy the full row and change Id appropriately and that its DmgType = 0 and not 1.

Yeah, everything checks out, the ID is 101 and DmgType is 0 but still no luck.

EDIT: As for the text strings issue, I've solved it, they were in the misc.txt file, I must of overlooked them.

Thanks for report, I just checked it out and indeed it doesn't work for some reason. We will investigate, in the meantime you can use one of the existing positions to manipulate beam properties for your mod, sorry for the inconvenience!

Ahh, I had a feeling it was a bug, there's also that bug with new equipment entries that I mentioned in my original post.

Anyway, thanks again for the help, hopefully I can still get some of my other concepts and ideas done.