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Current Modding Projects and Ideas

So after playing quite a bit of X3 Reunion recently, I wanted to expand Starpoint Gemini 2 by adding some more complex and alternative gameplay mechanics such as more ship variance, research and construction, player owned stations and shipyards and even controlling your own star system.

Most of the ideas below are just in concept testing at the moment and nothing is final, they are likely to be all part of a single mod pack as they all interconnect with each other.

Ship and Fleet Upgrades

An expansion of the License system, you'll be able to buy permanent upgrades for your ships such as Reinforced Hull Plating or the Heavy Weapons Swarmer, while Fleet Upgrades will allow you to access new features and services.

Player Owned Stations

Have a safe haven regardless of your reputation in Gemini and use your stations to build new weapons and items, hire new officers and get free repairs.

Player Shipyards, Personal Prototypes and Ship Abilities

Use your shipyards to build new Personal Prototype class ships, these custom built ships are designed for specific roles and can even have special abilities, such an emergency T-Drive that will activate when your hull is heavily damaged.

Player Controlled Star System.

Control your own star system, collect resources made by your fleet, build new ships and weapons, deal with invaders and maybe even launch an assault on Gemini.