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Easter Egg Ships / Special Ships

In Starpoint Gemini, the first game, you could, if you had the know how and fiddled about a bit, acquire the LGM flying saucer.
Any chance of seeing that in SG2 Big Grin
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Actually, we're planning for a couple surprises, but they'll kill me if I mention it right now Smile

I think that it would be interesting to see a Titan class ship for each faction. One that would be bigger then the rest.Smile

personally i'd kill to see a ship named "Enterprise" and it had a saucer shaped command section. Also some ships that look similar to the ones from Stargate would make me nerdgasam.

One community member - Miasma is making Star Trek ships one by one. So far we have Defiant and Voyager available as mods in Steam Workshop. I too hope he'll come to Enterprise eventually Smile

im still waiting for Home World 2 ships made by community Smile

I want to see something really weird, maybe in a debris field, have a derelect and if you use scavenger drones, it turns into a massive flying easter egg. I don't know I'm weird, it's late and i need sleep.

Maybe add the millenium falcon and imperial star destroyer. OOOOOH! YES! But then again, copyright, now you have to buy licences from... DISNEY... ;-;
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That would be a huge easter egg, and the one I'd love to see Smile . But, you're right, Disney would send even greater easter egg our way pretty soon Smile

Easter eggs are something that ads the "spirit" to the game. So I encourage that idea. Smile
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Easter eggs are always good to find, and SPG2 has huge potential for a lot of them just based on stuff from SPG1. A return of the flying saucer you could win as a prize at the arena would be cool.

(01-10-2014, 06:50 AM)LComeno Wrote: after falling asleep while sitting at the home screen, listening to the main songtrack that plays, since it's a fav of mine to sit and listen to when I need to chill out.. LOL. Guess I'm giving away what a true SPG hardcore fan I am admitting this, huh?

I've done that a few times myself, it really is a good relaxation tune.