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Controller support - NON-EXISTENT

Guys, I've played this game for like 1 hour. And from that hour - about 0 minutes are REAL GAMEPLAY.

That's because I spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to get my TM16000 joystick to work with your outstanding product. Another half I spent on trying to hook up my gamepad. The rest of the time the game was running in background, and that's why I can't get a refund now. So, back to controls.

My Thrustmaster TM16000 would navigate the menu just fine, but the trigger would NOT select a menu item. This issue seems to have persisted ever since the initial game release, and there seems to be NO solution from you guys. I've finally found a workaround. I entered the "mouse+keyboard" mode and assigned the trigger in place of MOUSE1. Then it would work and thought I'm about to play. Haha!

After skipping the cutscene and getting to control the ship I understood that your outstanding game doesn't support the throttle slider. Okay, no joystick then.

So, I connected my wired Xbox 360 controller. And guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL. I select the "joystick/gamepad+keyboard" mode and GUESS WHAT. Neither the keyboard nor the joystick can navigate the menu!!! Nothing happens! NOTHING! Other normal good games, my favorite games with working controls - are working FINE as they SHOULD.

Guys, srsly I want some RESPONSE, some explanation because from what I found on the net, these issues are NOT getting fixed. People are trying to find all sorts or workarounds and sometimes they work sometimes not. This is even not ridiculous, this is pathetic.

I'm sorry for the harsh language but you guys stole 1 hour of my life, which I could have spent on something really worth it. Your forum allows searches once in 30 seconds, and I'm plain tired of digging through descriptions of numerous controller issues.

Have you tried asking nicely? Shouting isn't going to get you anywhere. (Fat chance you'll say you're not shouting, but trust me, you are.)

So the game won't take your joystick, that's acceptable. Considering the amount of joysticks around, there are bound to be a few that won't work (which is likely to be the reason Steam says "partial gamepad support".
Your x360 controller should work fine, however. There is a chance that you have changed a setting, causing it to respond differently/wrong. Or maybe, just maybe, you forgot to change a setting. Have you tried configuring/calibrating the controller through the Windows Settings? If this isn't what's causing the issue, there is a chance your game has some corrupted files, which should be repaired when checking the integrity through steam.

I've played the game with an x360 controller without any hickups (aside from the horrible handling/sensitivity). However, i find that, for these games, keyboard+mouse are enough to enjoy them. Hell, i think they become more enjoyable this way. You will have better control over your actions, more intuitive movement, all necessary buttons within reach, and even descriptions of the buttons you want to press.

This is a pure luxury problem, and not worth losing your mind about. Therefor, i urge you to simply try different settings (after making sure your controller is calibrated and has the latest drivers).

I agree with the previous poster, make sure the controller is callibrated and keep trying different settings until it works.

im running windows 10 and i have a 1050 video card 32 inch lcd tv and using the xbox 360 controller works fine if i select keyboard mouse gamepad or any of them you must need to update your drivers i have no problems amazing game beats elite dangerous i own starpoint gemni 2 and warlords haven't played warlords yet can anyone recommend a good flight stick or would it be supported by these 2 games and is there a first person view?

thinking about buying this
but really want this one if its worth it
some input would be nice i hope you little green men make a multiplayer game amazing job on what you have done i love starpoint gemini 2 and all the dlc's and can't wait to play warlords thanks so much for keeping the space gender alive you rock.

Signed Commander Krimzon