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For the impatient.....

  • Are you impatient?
  • Are you in a rush and want it all now?
  • Need credits in a hurry?
  • Materials coming in to slow?
  • Need the whole map showing?
  • The other half gives you 10 mins play time a day?

Then this file is for you.....

I present you the "OMG I Cheated" save file.

Use at your own risk of nuclear detonation, IRS investigation, Oliver the Sleepless coming for you in the dark of night, or just plain want to cheat your way to victory.

One happy customer already served "You know who you are!!!", So thought I would post it up for anyone else wanting the fast track.

The OMG I Cheated download - Disclaimer, Cheating can dull the experience ten fold, You have been warned!

Unzip and drop the 2 files files into your "SAVE Folder" and play, simple as 1,2,3!

During spg2 early access I figured out early on how to tweak the starting parameters. They're right, cheating kind of dulled the game early on there and it never felt good after that. You have been duly warned.
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#3 serious are you about Oliver the Sleepless stalking us? That seems like potentially the biggest risk.

Doesnt work for me on steam version, release