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Model and Textures Overview and Example Download link

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I've taken some time to compile a small overview of all the necessary models and textures required for our game models in a small compact Max 2014 and OBJ file where you can check out, play with and see Myrmidon Frigate class with all its parts (base mesh, reflectors, engines, stickers, decals, logos) textures etc. Reckon it'd be easier to give you folks a finished mesh to get you started, so here it is for you, a ship you currently start with in Early Access.

Download link:

Any questions, ask away, will do my best to answer asap Smile

which tools do you recommend for modding starpoint gemini 2?

Well, for modeling I'd recommend "3dsMax" (simply due to EXPORTING part) with Mudbox and/or ZBrush + PS.

Modo is quite a great deal when it comes to cost/capabilities ratio + a powerful subdivision modeling tool (IMO the best there is for this modeling style, pretty quick and easy to learn, intuitive, an excellent built-in 3d viewport painting, and is getting quickly (if not already) in the highest quality 3d software group).

Of course, not forgetting Maya there, always high on the list Smile

for textures?

Personally recommend Photoshop considering the amount of plug-ins, also for freeware-loving artists GIMP is a great tool.

Many of our artists, nowadays raw-paint the model in 3D viewport after baking the normal map (Modo's paint tools, and Max's viewport canvass tool for instance) and then simultaneously detail - paint the texture and tweak UV in Photoshop/Max.

Of course, there's a lot of changes going on in this field of texturing, so there are some superb 3d painting software, one being Mari for example, a really awesome stuff, really shortens the time consumption for completing your work with an excellent end quality Smile

i am currently working on my first model and I'd like to import it into SG2. But I've run into some snags in the process. First dumb question. What is a .dss file and how do I create one. It can't be as simple as renaming the extension, could it? Second dumb question. I tried importing what I have so far into the editor and it crashed it. I suspect this was due to the missing .dss textures but I have no way of know ing for sure. So, should all objects be joined in the model before exporting it? Thanks for any help.

p.s. I know my textures look like crud. I am new to this. Don't judge this too harshly. It's my first model.

Update: I found the DSS plugin for PS... I hope. One issue resolved... I think.

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you're sh******* me. that's Harlock's Arcadia!

@Running_Bear: it is recommended to export object by object, if you have any reason for having a ship for example separated into more than one object.

Attaching the object together is a good thing, unless you'd need a part of the ship to rotate or sth like, that. Missing texture will NOT crash the editor, but for instance unwrapped piece of UV actually might. Most probable scenario would be the .obj file might import wrong. You can try to export the ship as ASCE file and then try importing. If id doesn't work, that prolly means, we'll do the importer tweaks some more, and in that case, we'd appreciate your ship's .obj file so we can cross reference the eventual differences Smile

The guns should be seperate turret models if you want them work ingame. They are placed in the ship editor (or texteditor which is faster if you know how to place and rotate them).

The ship itself should be a single mesh or exported in multiple ones as Tomislav wrote.
I merged my models to single ones for exporting. Obj works great if the meshes and UVs are correct. Non visible polys should be removed. Try to keep the combined polygon count below 10k.

DDS Files are your textures in 2D space. I think there are some texture baking tutorials around for Blender.

I was wondering if somebody would be willing to take a look at my model obj file and tell me why it keeps failing import. This is killing me.

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