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Model and Textures Overview and Example Download link

you should upload the model, I think.

(04-22-2014, 08:12 AM)Dark_Ansem Wrote: you should upload the model, I think.

I would love too. Could you tell me where I do this? Sorry for my newbness.

you can't directly here. upload it on mediafire or 4shared and post the link!

Here you go. Mediafire request granted. Thanks for any and all help. I'm so close but as this is my first model I have no idea where I'm going wrong.

I managed to get the base model running. But not without destroying some parts.
First, you should use only 1 material per object.
Then you need to eliminate points with only 1 or 2 polygons. 2 should work, but some crashed the materialeditor, need to figure out which. After removing all, the model loaded. Not sure if Blender has some statistics where you can find these points.
If you have a nice closed model, every point will connect at least 3 polys.
I'll see if I get the rest running tomorrow Wink

Okay, I went back to the drawing board, corrected several mesh issues (by several, I mean a LOT!) and now it seems to stable. My current issue is I have to re-do the UV map. (the blender tutorial I watched lied to me about how I could do it easily with multiple objects before joining them. It didn't happen. my ship ended up looking like a wire frame.) Anyway, I will begin that process asap and hopefully i can get the skins done soon after. Here's the model if you want to take a look.

Wow nice work, that looks a lot better.
Another problem will be the high poly count. It should be possible to reduce it to less than 15k polygons without real losses. Thats something that should be done before you create the new UV map.
The wider middle part looks still ok with ~800 instead of 8k, turret hardponts don't need more than 200. That alone woud reduce it by 15k. Simple forms or planes don't need lots of geometry.
You have an object, the bridgte I think, with 17898 polys. Thats way to much, and it is there a 2nd time with a tiny offset.

Some polygons are flipped, turretpoints need some thickness.

Okay I reduced the geometry on the objects you mentioned. (they were imports from other models intended to save modeling time. So much for that plan, they've been replaced.) Now I'm having a heck of a time creating the skins. I set them up in photoshop and saved them as .dds files but when I point the material Editor at them my model is still black. Also, I think I'm doing something wrong with my normal map. It's not coming out like the examples I look at. Thanks again. We're almost there, I think. Big Grin

Could somebody tell me why my UV map keeps failing? The model looks fine when un-textured but aspects of certain pieces disappear when textured. What am I doing wrong or not doing?

You don't see anything because you set the diffuse value of your materials to 0.
Remdember to use only 1 material per object for the import into the MaterialEditor.