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Model and Textures Overview and Example Download link

Meh, they somehow messed up the MeterialEditor.
Thought its something with your model but my older ones look inside out too.

One more important thing.. Folder or filenames of textures must not contain spaces.

Copy that. And here I've been beating my head against my desk all day. Thanks for helping out. File names will be changed.

Yeah, we've been reworking the importer awhile back, 'cause it turned out it could sometimes import normals flipped (and was quite inconsistent at times). It was also linked to ship shaders used in-game and in Max.

This helps out:

Before exporting the finished mesh, make sure you Reset XForm (In Utilities tab), it should reveal if some of your polys are flipped. (In Max it can happen when copying and mirroring a GROUP of objects for instance).
After resetting X Form, in your Hierarchy tab reset Transform and Scale, convert to mesh and you're ready to go.

@sTs : Your entire mesh is flipped inside out?

Yes, the model was bottom up and all polys flipped. That with the obj files that worked perfectly a month ago or 2.
Will test again this evening.

Thanks sTs Smile

After going through the forum yesterday (finally got the time after a while), we've also taken some more time with the Material Editor, doing some testing, made it more stable (it was quite volatile and unpredictable sometimes with OBJs for instance - it was linked to a default material when importing the model, it could cause crashes). It will go live with the next update soon.

What I can say for now is that after all the tests, currently Max - Material Editor importing should work perfectly if pre-export procedure is done. If polys are flipped - let us know, and/or send us one of the models in OBJ so we can repeat the procedure. ATM, been tested on a lot of models, should work nicely if model is ok in Max regarding the "flipped issue".

I'm still having problem with the Material editor, none of my OBJ\ASE files is being imported, it just crashes..

Oops, got it, yep it would crash, practically a definition default material file wasn't attached, Oliver's sending it your way Smile Lemme know if it works now.

It is. Beyond my wildest hopes it has also loaded in some of the biggest/heaviest ships I am planning to.

Now, if I were to EXPORT game models in order for them to be used as references in 3ds max 2015, what would I need to do?

Glad to have it working now Smile

Currently on the start of this thread we've released Myrmidon Frigate class in Max and OBJ file together with instructions in the file itself as a full reference for modellers to better understand the how-to and what is needed for a fully finished game-ready mesh.

But I suppose you're thinking of a tool in MaterialEditor used to export our models to other file formats?

No, I hadn't forgotten about the model of Myrmidon, but I was thinking more of something like 1 model for each ship class, at least once the 3d artist delivers the resize I've been told he'll make Big Grin