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Model and Textures Overview and Example Download link

Heh heh, sounds good to me Wink once the resize comes in Smile

For now, Generic Max Units - size 3,5 is the hull length for Taurus Gunship, somewhat of a smallest flyable ship in SPG2 (fighters are obviously smaller Wink)

obviously Big Grin loads of fun planned

(05-13-2014, 04:56 PM)Tomislav Wrote: Thanks sTs Smile

After going through the forum yesterday (finally got the time after a while), we've also taken some more time with the Material Editor, doing some testing, made it more stable (it was quite volatile and unpredictable sometimes with OBJs for instance - it was linked to a default material when importing the model, it could cause crashes). It will go live with the next update soon.

What I can say for now is that after all the tests, currently Max - Material Editor importing should work perfectly if pre-export procedure is done. If polys are flipped - let us know, and/or send us one of the models in OBJ so we can repeat the procedure. ATM, been tested on a lot of models, should work nicely if model is ok in Max regarding the "flipped issue".

Hmm false alarm i think.
The model import is correct. The camera position / rotation was wrong.
And to the flipped polygons...
The rasterizer setting changes when I import the obj. With Front alpha blend it just looks like the texture is on the wrong side of the polygon.

Taurus gunship is always our prime model when it comes to testing and shader coding, you can always cross reference with Taurus' material parameters and see if your mesh is flippin' polys. Smile

If it still does, can you check in your 3d software if the normals are fine there. In Max sometimes, especially when copying groups and mirroring, it can go crazy normal-flippin' and all. Also, recently tested Milkshape's export/import as well, and sometimes shuffling from software to software can also flip the polys :/

would embedding more than the 3 textures in the model work?

If you mean 3 materials then I'd say the easiest and fastest way is to separate your model on 3 meshes (each mesh for each material), pivot them on the same point, and export them separately (don't forget to ResetXForm and transforms and scale), and combine them later in *ASB where they'll act as one mesh (unless you want one of them to rotate or sth like that).

If I misinterpreted the question, please do elaborate Smile

ASB or ASE? I need more info, if you can Smile

Everything is cool, don't panick Wink - *ASB is our game's assembly file in which you can see mdls (models), par (particle files) collisions etc. Check for instance Saratoga ship - in "Saratoga.asb" you'll find it has 2 mdls at the beginning, both are hull pieces, but we needed one to be separated to make it rotate.

but I thought the engine did not support animating models?
to think I wanted to have a part of the ship rotate while cruising..

It is a very limited animation at this time, and is very important where the pivot of the rotating part is, if you check Saratoga, you'll see the rotating part is actually in the very center of the ship.