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Model and Textures Overview and Example Download link

don't worry, an ordinary Notepad will do the trick, and all you do is copy/pasting the chunks with your parametres.

Material editor is your best friend here, through it you can do almost anything, from importing the mesh to adding particles and turrets etc. When you finish the first one, the others will be a walk in the park, especially when we're fully done with the editors Smile

hmm ill have a problem to open the ship in the material editor. i saved the ship model as .obj but every time i try to load it up the material editor shuts off with an error prompt. the same occurs when i try to save a standard ship with the material editor. any help would be nice.

Ok, can you send your .OBJ file to me on, so I can have a look? Smile

i send you the .obj file of the ship hope you can find out whats wrong with it.