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Camera view

It's been a long time since I've been here and a long time since I played the game.

I initially played the game when it came out for a bit but never made it far because the default camera view really annoys me. I tried playing again a little bit here recently and had to stop again, I just can't get past the bad view.

The camera's pivot point is too high off the ship for one, and two, it looks down on the ship. This means that anything I am pointing directly at actually ends up near the top of my screen. I just can't get past this and I have been really hoping that someone would find a way to mod the camera but there weren't really many mods apparently, and the camera is probably hard coded anyway.

I would really like to play the game, I really would. I would like to be able to buy the new game (especially when it's on sale like right now) but I can't justify buying it if the same camera view is used, and in the videos I've seen, it seems to be the same view.

Is there anyway possible that you guys could put in a way for the player to change the camera view (in both games)? At the very least let me change the angle so that I am not looking down on the ship and bring objects that the ship is pointing at closer to the center of my screen. I really like the rest of the game, it's just that awful camera view. I tried to say something about the camera view way early on but the only thing you guys did was add some other useless camera views that I would never use.

I suppose I will have to wait a long time before I can get Warlords (if ever if the camera can't change) as I doubt anyone is going to tell me it's being done in the next day or so (however long it's on sale right now).  I hope LGM will listen to me on this, I guess I am the only one it annoys so much that I just can't play the game at all and as I said, I really would like to play, the game is a good game, and I am sure Warlords will be a good game... except for the camera view.

If a mod feels that general chat isn't the spot for this go ahead and move it.
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