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Launch Crash and no valid resolution with 4k

I did notice in the log that my processors are listed as AMD. I have a intel CPU and chipset while my Video cards are AMD. Not sure it matters but you wouldn't know that just by reading the log.

It looks like there was a update today but, the launcher still gives the fatal error message.

I went into my eyefinity settings and discarded the current settings. The launcher worked after that, though I did not play because of how the screen displayed seemed a little warped. Probably because I was running 1080HD on a monitor that is a 4k which is 2 1080's glued together.
I have gone into the cfg file and manually set the resolution to 3840x2160 and launched the game by going into the Steam folder and launching the SPDW application file (not the launcher) and it runs at 4k now. The launcher still does not launch and the SPGWlauncher text still shows

Error! No valid resolution mode could be found! Function : Main_class::Get_resolution_list

Error getting resolution list! Function : Main_class::Create

Could not initialize main program! Function : WinMain

Does anybody else running 4k have issues like this or with the launcher crashing on launch with the check log message?