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Terrible FPS

Hello All, first of all, this game has AMAZING potential, and I'm glad a bought it quite a few months ago, but it just lacked anything to keep me entertained back then..

Now with the super patch, we can do many things, but I detest.

I have absolutely TERRIBLE FPS Sad

AMD FX-8320E (OC to 4.2)
32GB of Ram
AMD R9 390
And I get between 20 FPS and 38FPS.....

I've seen it mentioned that Vsync could cause this, so I turned it off etc.
No combination of settings that I can find actually make this game playable Sad

(With the low FPS the cursor and ship responding is 'laggy')
Please Help!!

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Nobody has any suggestion? I feel like the game has a problem with AMD cards?

I'm having the same issue.

AMD FX-8150
Nvidia GTX 980 TI
and i get around 15-17 in game.  menu is a solid 60.  Tried disabling V-Sync and even the usual tricks in games like shadows for fps boost but seemed to not budge from 15-17.
same fps on low and ultra.  maybe a issue with AMD cpu only using 1 core or something? i vaguely remember a problem like this in shogun 2 a couple of years back.

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well after some thoughts on what could have caused the problem and seeing as the game was behaving like it was running in the background with low fps even though it is active, I tried disabling steam overlay and boom right back up to 60 fps ! ^^ Hope this helps Smile