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BETA Feedback (mostly quality of life)

Been playing for while (and played all previous games) and saved my feedback for the beta. Most of this are things that keep irritating me while I'm playing and that I hope are relatively easy to fix. What I;d call "quality of life" improvements.

  1. Numbers (credits, gas, ore, metal) need thousands separators to make them easier to read.
  2. Need an option to not pause on Map
  3. cf #2. Checking on production/construction progress is annoying (and pauses the game!), e.g. how long to finish building my ship queue? (Lots of space at top of main flight screen to have some small progress indicators.
  4. Option to display keyboard shortcut keys on the action buttons. I keep forgetting which button is mapped to what. (Is the top icon, 1 or was it 2, or 4?)
  5. It would be great if some minimal information could be displayed by the target icons (unselected), e.g. range, size
  6. It would be nice to have an indication in the Geminipedia which articles I've not read yet, e.g. for when new ones are added.
  7. I really dislike losing my radar during boarding actions, I love the new boarding mechanic, just not that I lose my radar and therefore situational awareness
  8. I'd like key-bindings for the 3 boarding actions (retreat, pillage, advance), and ideally as with #4 the option to have these displayed in overlay.
  9. I'd like different icons (or indicators) on the mining installations to indicate their level at a glance (e.g. chevrons, or dots for each level)
  10. In conversations I'd like to press the number to select the option. In some dialogs numbers exist for entries, but in others they don't. 
  11. When adjusting turrets, I find it takes too many clicks to maximise the turret, as basically the only thing I want to do on turrets. (Trade in ship, maximise all turrets, take mission and go is my usual pattern).
  12. Materials needs balancing I think, I seem to have masses of ore and gas, but almost no materials, trade missions don't offer enough to make up the short-fall.
  13. Took me ages to figure out that I had to talk to the ships near the Gladiatrix for something to happen. Would be good if the primary target (billboard) info-text (which I did read) would tell me to talk to the quartermaster or something. Or that it responded to hails with that information (or both).
  14. It would be nice to have keybind overlay on the context wheel as well, that way I can use the context wheel to remind myself what some of the lesser-used keys are, or those I only us in some ships, or some situations and keep forgetting.
  • I eventually cheated and gave myself loads of materials. At that point trade offers started to offer me negative credits for my minerals (singed integer overflow)
  • Performance issues in combat. Most noticeable when I rotate the camera to keep my target in view. I think it might have caused a crash once, but mostly I just end up with stuttering view for a while (I have the game on an SSD, so hopefully not loading issues)

Thank you for the comprehensive list. I'll simply link this thread to the guys so they can go over it and see what can quickly be done.