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[Mod] Titan Osiris

Yes it is scaled, and she is a beast.

So this mod adds a titan to the game. Since I am a ok modeler and can't even UV Map a cude...I used the Osiris Hull, a great beauty as she flys through space. The is V.01, so still work to be done, like fixing the trails and some of the front firing arcs, but I wanted to get it out there for people to check out and comment on.

Titan Osiris is big and rather slow. The grapple range will help snare as needed. She can take a rather large beating, however care is needed to an extent as those massive shields need some serious time to recover, so her burst can pretty much over come anything the enemy can throw at her, but very extensive and continuous engagements will pull her down.

Please rate and comment, constructive criticism is always welcome.

I suggest you download, MrHellhounds Money Mod and my Firesale at Vigo Station Mod in order to pick this ship up and Vigo and fit it out. Otherwise you will have to hunt it down, and no, I actually do not know where it can be purchased, would have to look into it.

Version V.01 Chnages;

Main Stats for Titan Osiris:

Hull: 45,000
Cargo: 450
Crew: 300
Evasion: .01
Speed: 10
PTE: 11
Sensor: 4500m
Grapple: 800m
Transporter Range: 600m
Transporter Capacity: 40
Hanger: 3 Wings

Weapon Power: 250
Refill: 500
Downtime: 5

Shields HP: 9500
Recharge: 5
Reboot: 25
Resists: 15% to all

Version V.02 Changes:

Added 4 turrets to the right battery. Total now is 8 turrets.
Added 4 turrets to the left battery. Total now is 8 turrets.
Added 3 Turrets to the rear battery. Total 4 turrets.
Scaled up the Tactical Overlay so that you can now properly see the frontal section of the overlay.
Adjusted the Front Firing Arcs a little.

Possible Conflicts: This mod changes a few commonly modded files, so I can not be certain if you have another mod regarding ships active that this mod added to it, will not crash your game. So you have been Warned.

Download link (V.01)

Download Link (V.02)

Install to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starpoint Gemini 2\Mods

Known Issues:

1. Trails are off during PTE
2. Front Battery arcs are a little over extended
3. The Titan will sometimes get stuck on screen when you change ships, switching to a thrid ships from garage will clear this, it only happens when changing from the titan to another ship.

this mod's absolutely real. and the titan is fun to play with, if max zoom out as a plus.

yeah, I'm noticing that max zoom out isn't actually quite enough with not just this model, but all the new titan models.

can you edit the zoom range in the config files?