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Bigger the ship the weaker I feel.

New iteration on balancing is coming soon, but I do like some ideas you mention. Wishlist will be updated so we can discuss this later and see what could be possible to tweak now, and what will remain for another project. Thanks for the feedback and elaboration of ideas!

i really like that idea, different sizes for different job, that really make a game more tactical. and while you will be able to hire mercenaries, for example 2 medium as guards for your large ships, that makes sense.

Just to be clear: Is the intended balance that smaller and larger ship classes should be equally viable choices for the later game? My experience was that the starter frigate in the beta version is that it's way, way stronger in every way than the gunships I bought, but that could just be because the frigate comes with a Shredder and some other stuff.

Well, small and big ship will never have the same capabilities, but small ships will have some advantages - like being faster, charging PTE much faster... that makes them very agile in evading large numbers of enemies. Should some mission take you to the heart of enemy land, it might be useful to have ship that can go in fast, and gou out even faster. And combined with proper skills and equipment, little gunship can offer some resistance too.
Regarding shredder, you're completely right - that is a special weapon that we gave players to have an easier start. In release version, this weapon will be hard to come by...

So, the goal is that bigger ships are much better in a fight, but are easy to pin down if you get swarmed?

more or less. They will deliver a serious punch, but is many smaller ships attack (especially with beam weapons) they will drain its shields fast and pummel it relentlessly. And once damaged, charge time of PTE will not allow it to run away fast. But even if he does, you can always equip heavy missiles with PTE disruptors and slow it down again...

Balancing is really tricky when you have so many variables such as hull sizes, weapon mount sizes ect and special ships to contend with I can see why the idea of adding more guns with more energy works in terms of keeping it simple for scaling damage.

The same gun firing, with the same turret count for the same amount of time given both ships can meet the energy demands mean that there is say no difference in a gun ship with 4 mounts in the forward slot as any other ship with 4 guns in its forward slot. Sure a larger ship has a better battery recharge and a larger battery size to start with but a gunship can match a dread in terms of DPS if they are firing for the same amount of time and this is why larger ships feel weaker.

Dreads do have other benefits like larger shields and more firing arcs to mount turrets into but in terms of raw DPS a gunship currently matches a turret on any ship with the same number of guns in it.

The hardest part is making all ships/ weapon types and so on viable without making them over powered that is a lot of testing time to balance right there Beams right now feel OP when you are swarmed in any size ships they hit you what feels like 100% of the time in gunships/corvettes a few ships with beams attacking you spells game over now that they hit things lol. Beams might need there raw damage turned down a little because they never miss for example.

You could also try to balance beams by making them miss more often on smaller fast moving ships right now i'm not sure if EVA is working as intended but with a small fast ship you can pretty much dodge all projectiles and plasma attacks if you keep changing directions and beams will eat you in seconds.

I think I may be straying off topic a little now, but balancing is a currently under going changes and until final release i'm sure we will see many changes as players we should try to leave as much constructive input about balancing changes as we can larger ships feel under powered right now but if the focus were solely on making them stronger small ships would become less viable so it's nice to see a balanced approach to balancing lol.
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(09-07-2014, 11:45 AM)Chloe Thenab Wrote: It's all about rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. A battleship should be outmaneuvered by gunships/frigs, a destroyer shouldn't have the firepower to take down a carrier and so on.

Please devs, do not copy the EVE Online rock/paper system.

There is no logic in the fact that big ships can't destroy small ones. Spaceships have targeting systems that doesn't care about the size of what you re targeting at. They aren't limited by human factors such as the human reaction time or the human eye perception (small/big). Using more advanced ships should always be rewarded by a power improvement.

Since we're talking about punch - anyone try running the Zuria Battleship yet? Might not have the finger of God, but the Jack of all trades w/ the right set-up makes this my current favorite. Running 4 plasmatic LVIII and missiles, 90 Troopers, Single Fighter Bay, and can cloak makes this an awesome addition in my book. Granted - taking on carriers gets me a bit hinky, but all in all love the feel of the ship.

The reason I bought it was for boarding actions and it can cloak!!! I'm noticing very few ships have the ability and would love to see more like this if possible. Since you're still in BETA - crossing fingers for more like this. Love the game and looking forward to the final release.

Zuira used to only have 40 troops ... troop count was it's real down side that and the weakish shields it sported if I remember, guess some ships have been changed while i've been playing SPG1. My go to ships was the saratogo for the 90 troops it carried and nice turret arcs but some things are bound to change with balancing ect but if the ships have changed i'll have to play them all again and see how they fly with my style of play Wink
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