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Bigger the ship the weaker I feel.

Hmm, might need to give my zurria a shot if that changed, the 40 troop cap was the reason i never used it
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I've also been thinking larger ships are somewhat underpowered as far as damage output goes, it's hard to find anything larger than a Frigate that has side mounted weapons with forward coverage. (which brings up my only real complaint about the game, there's currently no way to check weapon arc coverage like in SPG1) And that's precisely why the Myrmidon is such a beast of a ship, it's side weapons also have decent forward coverage so that's a lot of guns hitting whatever you're pointing your nose at.

But I actually like how Beams feel now with them almost never missing, and they could easily be balanced by just reducing their range. If you think about it, it makes sense because they're essentially particle accelerators and whatever leaves the barrel is moving near the speed of light, or literally at the speed of light if it's laser based. Reduce the damage on Railguns and increase their range a bit, and leave Plasma weapons as they are and you have a good mix of weapon types with clear advantages and disadvantages.

Ive kind of noticed this myself even though this is kind of an old thread. i think different classes of weapons are kind of confusing usually to most people but as it stands an easy fix would be having ship class determine a damage bonus to the turret.

why? bigger powerplant for one. since all weapons even the railgun consume energy, a ship thats bigger would have more in reserve to push through the weapon thus increasing the damage output. this would eliminate the need for weapon classes and would make it so a gunship cant drop a cruiser. (yes. ive done it. dodging turrets on those ships isnt difficult when youre tiny.
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A common trend in space games is to nerf capital ships to "balance" the playing field for fighter jocks. You see this in FreeLancer, Eve, and many many other titles.

Then the most common argument to lend credibility to such a nerf is the greater the size the more sluggish the turrets and thus accuracy suffers.

I say please consider this. If a civilization has the ability to travel on course between planets or star then they can certainly build processors which can pin point something within 100Km of them selves even moving at as fast as a missile.

Additionally if a fighter craft or a corvette(gunboat) has the CPU power to calculate a decent firing solution and sufficient machinery to turn its turrets then a capital ship which is much bigger has much more room for CPUs and machinery to target said fighters.

Think millennium Falcon vs a Star destroyer. Could not out run it in hyperspace, could not out gun it in combat. They had to out maneuver it in sub light.

Some may say by my logic why even bring a fighter to the table.

Mostly because the power requirements of capitol ship weapons even modern ships, don't want to waste high yield weapons on small targets. So, they can focus on the opposing capitols.

Enter the bombers, fly between capitols making strikes on sub systems to cause the capitols to lose key systems in combat.

Enter the fighters to screen attacks for bombers or defend against bomber attack runs all while the capitol ships wrestle with each other. As soon as the enemy capital falls then its game over for the strike craft.

Just my point of view. I know its my first post but this is a pet peeve of mine which I feel any space gamer community for before I even join. Capitol ships may not be sexy like fighters but give them their due.

I think ANY ship bigger than frigate is too slow. My Legionnare has 54 speed and the next bigger ship, any destroyer, is not faster than 41. And that is a big difference. I have a Poseidon Cruiser and a Paladin Battleship but both are too slow. I can`t follow a single enemy...
I hope they will add more ways to make big ships faster (better engine tuning, officers with speed bonus for BS, Cruiser, Dread, special skills...)
Even the strong shields are useless. They are so big and slow that EVERY SHOT hits you so the shields will soon be down, and then bye bye.
Many big ships have such low power that their Battery is empty after a few shots. I have to give too much power to the weapons. But then they get even slower....

@Einheit-101 - you know that there are enhancements in place, right ? Judging by what you have written, you either:
1. are not aware of that
2. are not using the correct enhancement(s) depending on ship system

You can always PTE to a fleeing target and if not enough to catch it, push power to engines on max. I have been flying a destroyer for quite some time - the Eclipse and have been gunning the smart way Jupiter dreds, Niniru cruisers and Neptune frigates even when they try to gang me up. Fly a ship, learn its weak and strong sides, then pick your enemy. Now when to quit a fight or drag it for as long as necessary should you wish to kill those ba-star-ds, that tried to gang you after killing so many of their comrades. Wink
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I have captured a Ronin destroyer and i have to say that this Destroyer seems to be small and fast enough to catch up with MOST ships. Only some of the smallest ones can`t be catched but even then you have the PTE here, it charges VERY fast (only 2 seconds). Cruisers or above need at least twice or more time... Ronin is really one of the best ships.

About the enhancements:
My ships are fully tuned with the best tuning you can buy for every system/weapon.
Those tunings dont make a cruiser/BS/Dread a lot faster. But who needs those big monsters if you can use the Ronin as playership for all situations Big Grin

Basically Ronin with the following:
+Officer with +20% Shield power
+Officer with +20% Battery recharge
+Optisoft III Shield (+30% to all main resistances)
+Dynamo III Engine (+20% speed and much more)
+Isis III Plasmagun with Artemis III (+20% Battery recharge, +50% damage)
+Plasma cannons special skill level 3
+Mid-size vessels level 3
= ***Overkill***

This configuration solved all problems of being "too big" or "too slow" or anything. And: You have a cloak system Big Grin

(09-07-2014, 11:45 AM)Chloe Thenab Wrote: It's all about rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock. A battleship should be outmaneuvered by gunships/frigs, a destroyer shouldn't have the firepower to take down a carrier and so on.

Ah, the Eve mind set I see it's strong with some of these players....

I call Spock on this one.

Spock = Logic

This is all fictional until you ad logic into it. Logic is, real ships past, present and in the future all have multiple weapon systems to deal with various threats with exception to small craft versus larger ( in some cases where weight limitations come into play)

Before anyone makes a refference to fighter / bombers attacking surface vessels.... stop... and see how many losses there were versus large ships.

Real ships have multiple layers of weapon systems to engage various targets. Much of this has been lost on video games because well ... all those additional weapons require much more "work".

It's also called "Balance" or everyone wins. Which is not a good life lesson. I mean you do not take a BB gun to a Tank fight and expect to win, right?

Logic would be take the right ship / weapons to do the job, use speed to your advantage and leave the area and or call for help.

I second the difference in turret sizes notion. Also visible fire arcs.

Capital ships just don't feel capital enough without really big guns (optional).

Massive turrets that can only be put on massive ships

I noticed that in the editor you can already set a SHIP TURRET MOUNT SCALE (1x, 2x or 3x).

Wouldn't it be a simple thing to tie scale with damage and RoF (or accuracy or other stuff)?
damage = base damage * scale^2
Rof = base Rof / scale

So a 3x turret would do 9x damage but have 1/3 the RoF
A 2x turret would do 4x damage but have 1/2 the RoF