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Bigger the ship the weaker I feel.

(01-31-2015, 06:55 PM)TrashMan Wrote: I noticed that in the editor you can already set a SHIP TURRET MOUNT SCALE (1x, 2x or 3x).

Wouldn't it be a simple thing to tie scale with damage and RoF (or accuracy or other stuff)?
damage = base damage * scale^2
Rof = base Rof / scale

So a 3x turret would do 9x damage but have 1/3 the RoF
A 2x turret would do 4x damage but have 1/2 the RoF

I don't think they wanted to marry the visual element of a component to the statistical element. I, for one, completely agree with this modular fashion of building components. The RoF and damage are tied to the weapon itself, not the visual scale of the graphical component. I would be frustrated with the turret system if that were the case. Also, their scale sizes are 0, 1, and 2. I do agree that it would be neato for them to at least add another scale or two. Can we get a size 3 and 4? A few scale size 3 or 4 batteries sitting atop or on the broadside of a Destroyer sure would look boss.

I think that visual and statistical element SHOULD match.

Either way, I was trying to think of a simple way to add turret sizes.

The method (in theory) requires a simple edit to the ship files of bigger ships and a small change in the damage code for turrets.

Any other method I could think off is way, WAAY more complicated.

Alternatively, make different variants of turrets (Lets say Railgun I, II and III have different size) and hull mounting limitations (Railgun III can only be mounted on battleship and DN's).

Again the problem reverts back to weapon groups. If huge guns are for anti-capital work, then trying them into the same weapon group as small guns is grossly inefficient.

So yeah. Customization of loadout + weapon variety without control of fire groups is in itself problematic.