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Carriers are not carriers

(06-05-2014, 12:41 AM)LordAlexander Wrote: What would you think about a carrier with cloak and 6 wings of fighters BUT weak shields and no guns or only one gun?
6 wings is a ton of fighters (potentially 30+) i'd say that would be too many.. at least with a cloak simultaneously
but I like this idea I would like to see a carrier that has toned down weaponry/shielding or other standard powering for more fighter power. (perhaps 1 extra bay and some inherent fighter buffs like quicker refuel, longer fuel, fighter weapon buff, and fighter interception range buff)

Realistically speaking, fighters and carriers have little room in space combat.

The difference in speed in space is negligable compared to speed of sea-fearing vessels to fighters.
Neither can carriers hide behind the curvature of earth.
And then there' the pesky Delta V the fighters would require to operate, meaning a HUGE waste of mass/space to the point you're just better off with missiles.

But this is a game, so I have no problem with fighters. Altough I wish carriers behaved a bit more like carriers.

(10-03-2014, 11:46 AM)7thGalaxy Wrote: I think the solution/problem here comes with how the fleets work. In order to make a true standoff carrier viable, you'd have to have a supporting fleet to provide close support, screening, scouting and protection. To do that you'd need a whole new set of fleet commands.

Did anyone ever play Nexus: The Jupitor Incident? You could assign ships to defend the carrier in that, they would circle it, and the AI would respond only to direct threats. Maybe that'd be the way to do it.

I agree 100%, this argument is ultimately less about whether or not a supercarrier should exist in-game than it is about creating a practical alternative in terms of fleet management.

In my opinion, the way carriers are in-game now is more or less necessary due to current lack of fleet logistics. I wouldn't find it very fun to have a large expensive "realistic" carrier that becomes extremely vulnerable every time I take her out of friendly territory. Ultimately though, with fleet support, they should be seriously gimpped so they are only a fighter platform with reasonable (not overpowered) defensive capability.

The truth is we could make real-life battleship/carriers today, but I think the argument is moot since they don't even make stand alone battleships anymore. It has nothing to do with "can it be done", it is about economics. More than 50 years ago they realized super capital ships like battleships are simply less economically viable than smaller multi-purpose ships. I can think of no reason this logic would change based on moving into space as the theatre of war.

BTW, Nexus: TJI was the BOMB! What a shame they never took it to its potential. I think it could have been right up there with Homeworld as one of the best space-based RTS games ever made.