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Faction relations

I see your point, but i don't remember having any issue with this. Even if some Brotherhood spot near you, and even if you destroy them, you'll get some positive reputation points but it's negligible. And when you have bad reputation, the "pirates" who attack you sometime when you're travelling, should be from Trinity or Protectorate or... from a "good" faction anyway.
Before you engage the dogfight, you really have to check the faction of the ships who attack you, because until you are -2500 rep (= friend with all bad factions and foe with all good ones), some of them may attack your ship, and if you kill them, you'll get positive reputation points.
Using a ship with Cloaking system may be a good choice at that time. My favorite one is the Helios, but it's up to you. Smile
I purchased the game on Steam, so my game is up to date Smile

You're right. It's not a big probelm if you head towards the dark side. But as writen above I tried to stay in the narrow 'grey' zone where I could land at some less 'extremistic' good stations but also at stations from most 'bad' pirates and anarchists for smuggling. In this case you are always on the edge by a lot of factions. Some small combats can simply turn the hole area to red. Well, thats absolutely ok and fun but...

What I don't like is the fact that this happens for example in pirate sector after fighting e.g. some empire ships. Why should the pirates care about a smuggler who defends himself against empire or whatever - and even sells the loot at their stations? Anarchists take exception to fighting Directorate? Directorate takes exception to fighting empire? I thought they would be red to each other?

I just don't like this linear relation/reputation system which doesn't reflect at all that there should be lots of 'factions' with different relations to each other. After playing some more days it feels more and more that there are only two factions with more or less extremist members.

Yes i see what you mean and i must admit, i agree with you.
I'm always "shocked" when i dock near Sigil, Phoenix or Laguardia stations (East of Trinity planet). If you wait here and stay quiet, you'll see some red ships from neighboring pirate stations (i forget the name of those camping in that zone) which will dock to the station, to do "bad" business i beleive. A "good" factions shouldn't allowed pirates to do traffic on their stations, that's... weird ! Worse : if you engage them, the "green" ships arround will not do anything. As if, ok, they are friends with you, but with them as well, so they don't want to be involved in the dogfight. Ok, let's see it as a "corrupted" leadership. But i'm shocked anyway :p
That's just an example for sure. Generally speaking, yes the mechanic between factions may be better. There are room for improvements, for sure, but i guess it's not easy to tweak and well... it doesn't kill the gameplay Smile

I remember in another game like SPG (was it Freelancer ?), a short description of each faction told you if they were allied/foes with others. So, whatever ship you destroyed, it as an impact in your relationship with many factions. It was more... let's say... "realistic" in a role play point of view. But again, not a big deal. Smile
I purchased the game on Steam, so my game is up to date Smile