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Dear community members!

Following launch day, we started to implement fixes on issues you've reported. Several major ones have already been resolved and we are pressing on the rest.

However, one issue occured that is really slowing us down... pirated versions.

We will not embark on any witchunt, but hope our constant work to iron out any bugs, and to add new post-release content, will be enough to convince players to support us.

Still, we are detecting large numbers of pirated versions in logs and tech data. And we say, "ok", pirate the game if you wish, but please, please, find a good pirated version then. We were updating versions heavily during early access, and we are updating versions very frequently now. In the future, because of many incoming changes and new features, the game will be updated even more. Due to often changes many pirated versions WILL NOT WORK or will have SERIOUS ISSUES even on game elements that are already fixed.

We plead that, if anyone is using pirated version, please don't swarm our mails with support requests because we are wasting a lot of time seeking problems in outdated versions. This is slowing us down to provide fast updates to current versions and users that have regular versions.

If you want to play the game, and just don't want to buy it - at least make an effort to seek info on latest versions available on Steam, and find good updated build.

And yes, no matter how you've obtained the game, we really hope you will enjoy it and have minimal issues Smile


Can't believe people would even bother, the game is a reasonable price and you guys are the best Devs I have ever spoken too

If there was ever a post that I could point to in an attempt to get people to stop stealing games it would be this. I would never have the balls to submit bug reports for a game I had stolen...if they care that much, perhaps they should be actual customers!

OMG they actually pirate this game.

If so, you should tell them and humiliate them publicly, so they do not appear, but with proof of piracy Tongue

I do undestand why sometimes one pirate a game, unless you are a billionaire son it's very hard to keep up with everything worth playing these days with litterally thousands of games around... one must make choices. But really, these guys deserve every penny.

You should ALWAYS support devs that deserve it.
I bought this game in Alpha for around 15€, the cost of a pizza+coke+coffe these days. I pulled already around 100h of fun out of it. Much more that any pizza+coke+coffe I ever had in my life.

Please consider this when deciding to buy or not. If you like the game SUPPORT the devs.
When in doubt... BLAST IT!

Yeah frankly the people wasting the time of the devs sending in logs ect should just go to hell they are slowing down updates and bug fixes for the retail version, LGM should be supported for its great work and those who pirate the game should get no support and stop wasting LGM's time.

Game costs at most less then half the price of an AAA studio title and is far better the half the crap that is coming out those game studios, and to those who have hacked or pirated versions if it doesn't work that is no less then you deserve.

My mind boggles as to why these people would even thing the dev's at LGM would try to fix the bugs they have in a pirate version are they just dumb?
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Only Registerd here to say GREAT GAME!

got an Enigma to my hands and tried it but german speech suckz as hell so i got my hands on the FTL version and loved it!

after some hours i got it on steam Big Grin

now im offical owner and started playing since Big Grin

with best +DS_DV+

PS: sorry for my bad english :/

Welcome to Gemini commander Smile . Glad you like the game so far. We're ironing some issues but updates will keep flowing!
Pretty sure you'll feel like home here Smile

(09-30-2014, 03:01 PM)MarioMihokovic Wrote: Welcome to Gemini commander Smile . Glad you like the game so far. We're ironing some issues but updates will keep flowing!
Pretty sure you'll feel like home here Smile

Thanks Big Grin

somehow the game often reminds me of good old Escape Velocity so i love it Big Grin

Only thing i dont like so far (wich also stops me from getting in to X series) is the travel time ... but maybe im to stupid to see some upgrades xD
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...or maybe we could add something Smile . Right now you have TGates, Riftways, Wormholes, TDrives, PTE, Speed boosters and power redistribution triangle. If that isn't enough, what the heck, we can always add something more Smile . As a proud owner of the game you can suggest anything, our wishlist is ten miles long anyways Smile