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(09-30-2014, 03:16 PM)MarioMihokovic Wrote: ...or maybe we could add something Smile . Right now you have TGates, Riftways, Wormholes, TDrives, PTE, Speed boosters and power redistribution triangle. If that isn't enough, what the heck, we can always add something more Smile . As a proud owner of the game you can suggest anything, our wishlist is ten miles long anyways Smile

There's a specific licence sold somewhere (up to you to find where ^^) that will let you travel free-of-charge with the T-Gate system for "only" 250.000 credits.

You buy it once, you enjoy the free rides forever ^^

EDIT: Whoops I replied to Mario lol...
When in doubt... BLAST IT!

Doesn't matter. Still a good idea Smile

  • Personally i'm ok if people use a pirated version to get an idea if a game works for them or not .(there used to be something called demo versions for that years back, today thats probably "lets play"'s on youtube ^^).
  • Not buying it if you like it is an asshole move.
  • Asking for support for your pirated version ... whats the comparative of asshole?

sry... had to get this out. Confused

Not to dig too deeply into the piracy issue. But if you want to play a game yourself and don't want to watch people play it on YouTube first, you should buy it. Does anyone think it's a good idea that a movie theater opens up and people go in and watch movies as much as they want...but they are only asked to pay for movies they liked. How about if you try that with Books...or perhaps a Museum where you only pay if the Art inside moved you. That's what trailers and Let's play videos are FOR! Demo's of games are fine...but the jury is out on whether they are good for the business or not.

Before you buy a random game on steam that you are not sure of...just watch the Let's Play videos!

Off My soapbox...sorry for the interruption

Actually most cinemas here will give you the money back if you notice 5 or 10 minutes in that the movie sucks. Done that twice myself.
Same goes for books(never done yet). In germany(and i guess EU?) the customer can return any online ordered item (not just books) within 2 weeks. No questions asked.

Own my copy, thanks gang for all of your work!
P i X 3 l 8 D
Thanks for the fun in Beta! SPG2 roxorz!

I actually think this game is *too* cheap for the quality you get.

The game price is quite cheap. Especially during Steam deals (got my gopy during one before the official release).

That being said i understand why people use pirated versions knowing that a game price isn't the same than a cinema ticket price. Some people can't afford throwing that much money at stuff that they may end up not appreciate. And as far as demos aren't published prior to game launches nowdays, the only way to test a game before buying it is to test a pirated version sadly. So, according to me, if demos were still published before releasing games, way less people would end up using pirated versions prior to buying a game.

But i m kinda suprised to read that you get bug reports from people using pirated versions of the game. They got nerve to do such a thing. As i ve said i can understand that you want to test a game before buying it but asking for resolving bugs from a pirated version... WTF ^^

There is no limit on how much some people suck Manu!

This OP...right here...definition of elegance!