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We do know that Smile . During year of early access we realized most community members are truly positive and eager to help us out! I think that alone was enough for us to regard early access as something very positive!

I'd love to go on big rant about the shocking stupidity of people looking for official support for a pirated game copy, they aren't worth the keyboard clicks...instead I will simply echo previous comments thanking the devs for making and supporting this game.

I want to add that I have bought a couple of games, which I regret to have bought. But I will never regret buying this game and anyone who doesn't appreciate your efforts and is not willing to contribute to your hard work, through paying for that game,.... is an idiot!

some individuals have no shame....

Ok you downloaded the pirated ver...

and then you want support for it by sending mails to the developers....??

What's wrong with these ppl?

That is the most candid and practical request I have ever seen from a developer. Hopefully the pirates find your attitude so refreshing that they will do as you wish. Maybe your kindness might convince them to buy the game.

Now if we could only get GOG to play as nice as the pirates. GOG seems to only want to distribute every second or third patch from you. I bet that a lot of outdated requests will also come from GOG users as a result. Don't get me wrong, I own two copies of the game. One from GOG (big mistake) and one from Steam. It's just that I see the patched pirated versions of the game come out faster than the patches from GOG. That's not right.

I know of a few people who purchased the game after trying the pirated version. While it may not be the most common thing to happen, sometimes piracy brings in business too.