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Mod request - trading goods price rebalance

I speak now from a trader's perspective.

Can someone make a mod to rebalance the trade goods ?

The prices for the ores can stay as they are (don't mess with mining, that's fine as it is), but the goods produced by the planets should go up in price. Also the difference between lowest buying price and highest selling price shoudl be higher, so that trading will be worth it.

It would be much appreciated.

Can i get some help with this please? I already changed the prices in the "comodities.wdt' file, but they do not show up in the game. I uploaded the file if someome wants to give me a hand with this, maybe i screwed up something.

.zip (Size: 2.82 KB / Downloads: 1)

I fear you have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
When you load the file you will see that the game shows your prices when looking at the items in cargo. However according to this:

every station defines for itself for which prices it trades goods. You are supposed to use the world editor for that.

Change alll the prices all over the map ? Hoooooolyy s.......

There was a question in the back of my mind "Why nobody did an economic rebalance balanc mod ???!!!??". I guess that answers that....

Thank you, Damocles !

Perhaps you could try a different kind of overhaul.

Instead of "just" changing all the prices make the commodity trader independent from the station hugging combat pilots.

Either remove all commodity trade from stations and limit it to planets. So freighter/commodity trade would only be planet2planet(where demand and factories should be) and stations would only sell ship modules.
That would still involve editing all stations.
Or you could leave the stations as they are and only edit the planets that would significantly reduce the number of edited files and would make station traders rip of those that just want to sell their loot quickly.

Hm i really like the flair change this would introduce Smile

according to there are 13 planets.

Ouch man you'd need to modify every station/planet in every sector to change max in min prices on trade wares, that could be a real pain and with every update it may need changing if sector files get changed in updates.
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I really think the solution on this one is up to the devs. They should make the stations and planets get the price from the general comodities files and then make adjustemnts like: this station sells this good 15% cheaper than the average price.

In my opinion, the main thing that needs to be adjusted is the fact that goods only come in stacks of 40-60. The smallest freighter can hold 200. When trying to make good freighter runs most of the time half my cargo hold is half empty.

I plan on modding the goods amount for sure, so I will look into modding the other items as well. Since it appears to all be by station it'll take me a bit. I only started looking into this today.

Just brainstorming (or brainfarting, hehe). So how about combining a mod where you have a few freighters with much larger cargo and have a few modders slowly and without pressure change planets first and/or stations, and change the size of stacks and prices. Over a period of time. Start slowly as a team. Not a one time thing but a long continuous live project. If lucky you can get input from an economist, if Nicky is not one. And yes, maybe the system gets easier. I see now commodites appearing randomly in the ics file. I wonder where it comes from.

My ship now has 5000 cargo, and it is because I played over 275 hours and you tend to get greedy and more demanding as you play more. I do not say you should have that, but I feel great going around shooting and filling my belly without having to go back and forth. Imagine going to a station and being able to buy 800 Thurian Weeds at 1580 and sell it elsewhere for 3342. Or something like that.

I'm really up for a community driven balance mod, and so I'm going to start one! Big Grin

Anyone is welcome to join and help out, ill make a proper thread and everything!
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