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Implementing background stories!

Hi all!

I was wondering if it could be possible to implement a sort of background choice like seen in different RPG's that could affect stats in some sort of way? Like "Daddy was a miner" (you learned to get the most possible material out of mining) giving you a 5-10% extra mining yield.

Or a thing like "Drill Sergeant" (you spent some years in the army) giving an increase into troop effeciency.

Stuff like that could add to the personality of the players avatar while boosting the RPG elements in the game.

Hell it could even be a proposal as to the mission types most likely to appear for you depending on such previous experience (if it is not too much of a problem to implement ofcourse). This could also add to the replayability of the game combining both classes (hopefully more are added at some point) and the background choices.

Just a suggestion. I can only imagine how such things are hard to develop.

Cheers Captains!

Edit: If somebody remembers the Megatraveller games they were great in character customization based on such previous proffesions.

I know I'm "necro-ing" this thread here, but with the recent announcement, I want to express my desire to see more of what the guy above wanted. More starting options would be so so so cool.

interesting, but i think it's a bit redundant with what brings you the officers you can recruit.
I purchased the game on Steam, so my game is up to date Smile