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We're checking the exporter you used, have to sync the importer for it to know what data to pinpoint from the x file. Bare with us for a while Smile

Tried it again with KW Exporter, using the settings in the attachment.

The .x file that I got with the kw exporter is here;

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Try it uncompressed, here's the setting, and let me know how it goes.

[Image: kWXport.jpg]

Still crashing. I don't have the copy textures option, though. I doubt that'd be the issue.

yeah, copy textures option is not an issue, it's for backing up purposes usually.. We're checking it outSmile

It wouldn't be anything that I have in the scene file, would it? I have the textures on materials, but they aren't baked. All the reference planes, etc, are hidden and not exported in the option. I'm just scratching my head. Tongue

Check your inbox Wink

And here's some guidelines also:

Groups cannot be imported (in case you're exporting any groups)
UV should be unwrapped properly - so far only one glitch resulted in crashing while importing - if you'd be modeling with splines and some parts of UV were left untouched (usually they'd look like a line)- to avoid this, boxUV the mesh or use any other unwrapping tool at least for those parts - most commonly used on collisions since they don't really need any real texture)

Before exporting to X, you should do the following:
ConvertToEditableMesh, Reset Transforms and Scale, and you can do the converting to mesh again.Then do the exporting. (of course in the case of any flipped polys, it's always ok to ResetXForm, and then see if any polys are flipped )

And is usually best to "Export selected" since that way you'll not export some trash accidentally.. Just as precausion Wink Though "hide" works ok also Smile

A note: a generic unit size, gunship 3 - 3.5, Carrier 32 - 35 (though some as we see are cheering for a larger difference Wink)

Well, I did the conversion to mesh, resetting the transforms, and reconverting, followed by cleaning up any UV issues ( there weren't any. :/ )

I'm sending over the .x now, at least the most recent one.

We're looking over the file, mat editor (and we neither) cannot see the normals in your file.. Can you check your exporter settings again, and send us also the ASE exported (we need those normals data). Smile

Sending the ASE exported as well as the .X with the normal. I don't know what's going on. x.x