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A list of Suggestions

Hello everyone,

after having been active (under a different pseudonym) on the SPG2 forum duirng EA, I decided to do th same here for SPGW. I am a bit shocked by how unlively the forum seemed first I got here. (Specifically the modding forum). Hopefully we can breath more life into it Smile

This list is not in any particul order:

  • Cargo haulers: Freighters do not carry anything right now. First I suggest giving them cargo. I also only encounter them at stations, never in space. I suggest scripting trade routs from stations to other stations, where they transport actual cargo. I would also suggest giving them escort fleets the more valuable the cargo is.
  • New mission types: Mission types that are only accessible after allying with a faction, such as "help conquer garrison". "Defend Sector". "Steal Research". "Free captain" (from prisoner transport). Giving an alliance more of a purpose. "Person Transport". Escort Missions. (I would be willing to mod missions if anyone can point me towards a guide or instructions on scripting missions). 
  • Scan mechanics: Have the AI use scan mechanics as in SPG2. Patrols scanning you for illegal goods.
  • Passanger transports with escorts and more AI civilian fleets to make it feel more alive.
  • The ability for the AI to put a bounty on you. Where you receive the message upon docking on a station and have fleets chase you down. (like the warmaster mssions, just that you are the target.
  • The ability to put garage ships into fleet.
  • Balance whise, small ships become obsolete very quickly. Late Game there is no use for anything smaller than a cruiser but having complete fleets is something nice. So I would suggest some balancing to make destroyers, frigates and gunships last a bit longer and give them more of a purpose (better evasion)
  • The ability to equip ships in your fleet to your liking. I would like to be able to equip and name ships, which I can add to my personal fleet. I would keep the cost normal, so it is expensive to have custom ships in the fleet. This way one could use fewer ships in a fleet, but make them stronger. This would also give you the chance to have smaller stronger ships in your fleet.
  • Captain mechanics: A dumbed down version of warmasters. The ability to asign a general to a fleet (or captain to capital ships). Which gain levels over time (not necessarily special abilities). This would add more immersion and give you a reason to become attached to your fleets.
That's all that comes to mind right now but I know there was something else, which I have forgotten rigth now. I will post it if it comes to mind.