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All ships available and where to find them.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help put all this information together! VERY helpful.


Yeah; this is baddass. Whats the best way to compare a ships systems to pick your next vessel?

Thanks very much for the Google Doc spreadsheet... too bad I didn't find it before I spent 12 hours trying to compile the same list (with all base values for shields etc.) and only getting to about 20% of the ships on your list.

Great info! Now if we could just get it added to the Wiki Dodgy

These pages have been of great use for me since the beginning. I am sad to see no updates or activity on them. Not sure if it is because they are waiting for final release or what, but it made playing the game a huge difference. Wish someone updated it it.
I am just asking here now what kind of ship is the Orca? That is just an example. In page 1 is listed as a Frigate, but in the Google spreadsheet is listed as a Cruiser. Which list should I trust the most?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, got my own answer under shipclass.wdt it is class 5=frigate... sorry asking...

It looks like the old google doc has a lot of old info and the ships/class information became mixed up.

I made a new list and added more specific component information. Here is the link:
New Google Doc


I've just started with a spreadsheet of my own for this same information, but realized I'm probably duplicating effort. I'm wanting to consolidate some information that's been floating around here and on the Steam forums; basically, take all of the ship data/battery energy data and supplement it with a list of how many batteries can be aimed at a single target (some ships have side batteries that can fire forward/up), blind spots, etc. Also maybe combine that with the weapons matrix to start a discussion on what weapons go best with each ship.

Can I get access to your spreadsheet? Its set to private right now (request sent)?

Wow guys, that is awesome!!

I was sure there was a spread sheet for the ships some place with all nice drop down boxes and you could find the locations on that select ship class ect may have been for another game though. All good stuff this list is a life saver when wanting to try out new ships good job Big Grin

Sorry I didn't realize the spreadsheet was private. It has been changed to public.

Could this list get a sticky? as it is so handy