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All ships available and where to find them.

Thank you so much for this!

(05-21-2014, 02:25 AM)slackadacka Wrote: It looks like the old google doc has a lot of old info and the ships/class information became mixed up.

I made a new list and added more specific component information. Here is the link:
New Google Doc

Thank you very much!! Great help!


The ships section is more or less complete.
All 74 ships are there with pictures, stats and locations where to find them. Info used is from
Tal Maru,
and the devs of course.
The credit goes to them. I'm improving it as my time allows, please use it for your leisure.


Great job, master longstar. May the Meep shines on you Smile

Thank you Mario :-D
I have managed to put the specific component information sheet by slackadacka on the wikia, you may find it in here:

Nice list! Thx.

Already started to ninjaedit some stats, because values changed. (Amount of troopers)

Would be cool if everybody would check the ships again and edit the new values

Also locations where you can buy them changed.

Lists on the first few posts are out dated now and could use an update at some point if the posters are will to make the edits =P
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Ahoy Captains,

Loving this info so much... my hunting is on a rampage...

edit: just noticed you have the Bishop there with 90 troops when now its 80 it seems... im new so maybe was a recent update in-game and you had no time to change it/notice it. (just trying to help).
Good hunting, and may Arcadia's flames guide you to glory and fortune
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