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Can't Navigate the DLC Menu after Selecting a Gamepad

I posted this in the Steam discussions forum before I realized that LGM had it's own support forum. So my apologies if anyone is reading this twice. I'm using the Steam edition of the game.
Whenever I choose "Joystick / Gamepad [and Keyboard]"or just "Joystick / Gamepad"on the choose control scheme menu, I can't navigate the following DLC selection menu. I've tried every imaginable key press, controller stick, controller d-pad & controller button, but none of them work. Interesting enough I can select the default Starpoint Gemini 2 with no DLC option by pressing the [A] button on my 360 controller. If I just choose "Keyboard+mouse [and/or joystick]"I can successfully move the mouse pointer to the "Run game with Origins DLC" and select it with a mouse L-click.

After I make that [A] button press, my D-pad, L-stick and shoulder buttons work properly for navigating the main menu and option menus. I'm running Win7 64 Ultimate, so I'm running SPG2 in Win7 Compatibility mode, but it doesn't resolve this navigation problem - had it before compatibility mode was enabled and after.
Any solution for this?

[Edit] I've added attachments of screenshots of the 2 menus I'm referring to; it's the 2nd menu where I can only select the "Run game without any DLC" option with my 360 controller's [A] button. I should have probably mentioned that I can successfully navigate the 1st menu with both my mouse and 360 D-pad. I've also added the log file of a game session that only consists of me getting past these 2 menus and then immediately exiting to the Windows desktop.


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