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[GUIDE] Importing Models

I wanted to write this guide as a step by step basis on importing a model from your 3d modeling program into the material editor, since I've now got it working thanks to the lovely assistance by the dev team. Without further ado, here we go.

Before I get too into it, I am using 3ds Max 2013, where the .ASE exporter is already installed. If you're using blender, you may need to go download the exporter, found Here

First, open your program of choice.

[Image: 9999368564_1664aeb465_b.jpg]

After you've got that, open up your material editor and make sure it's got all the bits and pieces you need;

[Image: 9999368504_630fe47eb0_b.jpg]

Is everything in the right place? Great!

Next, close out of that material editor, head to file, export, and save your file under whatever you want, but make sure the .ASE extension is the format you save under. EDIT: You may also export in .OBJ. It works much cleaner, saves scale and translation better, and you may use the default export options.

[Image: 9999422006_29759b8a97_b.jpg]

You'll see this screen afterwards (Not sure what blenders looks like.) Uncheck the Cameras, Lights, Helpers in the Object Types box, and you should be good to go. Click OK, and open up your material editor!

[Image: 9999416686_f5659c3517_b.jpg]

So in the material editor, navigate to the material editor button, click it, and you'll see those four buttons in the second panel. The first is import new model. Click it.

[Image: 9999428266_b1442ea22a_b.jpg]

Now, ignore for the moment I've got TGA files as all my textures. They're converted to DDS and work in the editor. TGA files, as far as I know, do not show in the editor. So stick with DDS.

Back on track;

Load your .ASE file and you should either see your model, black as night, or have to zoom out to see it (scaling issues). I had to do that. After assigning my various diffuse, normal, and bump maps, I ended up with this;

[Image: 9999355915_4a4a535277_b.jpg]

It's in! Smile

So from there, you can go about doing the same process with your collision mesh and import that as well. Save the collision mesh first, as you can then load it into your ship model without a problem.

The Collision Mesh selector is in the assembly editor, incase you were wondering. Smile

From here, you can save your ship as a .mdl file by navigating to the material editor, second panel from the left, and selecting the "Save as whale model" button.

[Image: 9999425836_da0e621d0f_b.jpg]

There you go!

So to recap, the steps for getting a model into the material editor to be usable for a ship are as follows.

Export your .ASE format model from your program of choice.
Save textures as .DDS and place them in the same root folder.
Load the material editor, select import new model, and import your .ase file.
Add the various textures, save as a whale model.

Don't forget to add your collision mesh as a separate model. Smile

Hope this helps!

Thank you for making this!
Sadly i cant get the ASE exported from Blender to work, but i do not have as many settings in the exporter as you do, maybe that could be my issue? :S

Still, great guide and the Normandy turned out awesome!
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This tutorial might help you out, Brektzar.

I checked it out but sadly i had allready done it that way, and it did not work.. Ill keep trying thoughSmile
"He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man"
- Shakespeare
[Image: 76561198061156039.png]

Thanks for the guide (3DSmax user myself), I am working on a freighter type ship (totally freelanced from my puny brain) and once I have done shall endeavor to get it imported into the editor. Currently working on some Train models for a friend to use in a Train Simulator they he actually pays me to make, but my little ship side project gets a few hours here and there each week Smile


Tanvaras - SPG2 - Pirate of the Outer Systems!

I had to put my model inside the SPG2 folder to import it, but as long as it is inside the SPG2 folder you can put it wherever you want.
Do not know if it is like that for everyone though, just an FYI Wink
"He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man"
- Shakespeare
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This should be a sticky or an official post to make sure the modders know how to do this... Wink

The entire dev team thanks you ioae for making this tutorial, and all of you modders out there that use the engine to it's max Smile Hope you find the editors even in this stage of development useful and easy to use. For now I can say, every time I see a new model out there, really boosts our morale here even more Smile Thank ya all!

Tomislav, I have a question! Big Grin Or anyone who's messed with the editor...

Can you lower the collision mesh in the editor? It's easier if i show you my problem!

The picture is attached Smile

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Please +Rep if i've been useful to you Smile

Hey Mr. Hellhound1, I see the problem, I can say what we did - while modelling, planning of the model easens later workflow. For example, when the base mesh is done, then we modeled collisions with the same pivot coordinates, then export/imported collision in game, with absolutely no need for later adjustment of the mesh. So the size and pivots of both base mesh, and the collision mesh would be the best if they're identical.

Quick workflow:

When base mesh and collision are over (and pivots identical), export both of them out in obj, or ase. Then start the editor, save the base mesh, then import the collision mesh, and use F3 to save the collision mesh as collision object. This function cleans the file from any unneccessary info (for collisions we practically use only the vertices info). Then we exited the editor and simply wrote the needed lines in the asb file in notepad. Process completed.

That's how we do it, if there's sth we can help you gals/guys with, feel free to shout; We'll be doing future tweaks of the editor, so go postal with suggestions as well Wink

To clarify some more (been pondering now whilst drinking a morning coffee, my brain cells seem to respond only with a decent amount of caffeinWink):

Base mesh, ColShot meshes:

When your model is completed I center the pivot to mesh, and move the mesh to center on all three axi (0,0,0) and then export.

ColShot - when positioned properly on the mesh, i MOVE pivot to 0,0,0 on all three axi as well, thus making the importing collision be exactly where it should be.

ColHit (convex meshes, can be more then 1) - when your base mesh is properly covered with convex meshes - I move their pivots to all three axi on 0,0,0 as well, to make the importing easier also with no need for further adjustment. - these will be used for Physix.

Now, time for another coffee Wink