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[GUIDE] Importing Models

Well, the problem mainly is that the ship WAS exported at 0,0,0 in blender (i think) but the aiming bit is actually below the ship. You can see it if you look at the enemy ship in the attached screenshot, the circle aiming bit is below the ship. I've lowered the ship in the editor to -1, which fixes that, but now the collision mesh is above the ship, and i can't move it down, even if i recreate it.

I'm no 3D moddeller though, it was exported by one of my guys, but we even lowered it in blender to see if that would help, and the editor still has it at 0,0,0 with the aiming bit below it. Sad

Image is attched, hopefully you'll see what i mean! (the red ship in front of the player with the lowered reticule bit)

Edit: you can see it on the player ship as well, with all the missiles gathered underneath Tongue

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Well, there's one more thing I do before exporting (not sure if you guys did that, or if there's a similar option in Blender :/):

For every model you want to export, you need to RESET transform and scale. In Max, that's under Hierarchy Tab, Pivot section.

Maybe that's why the model is not positioned properly Smile

If that doesn't help, send your ship and collision's obj to and we'll take a look at itSmile

Maybe following link will help:

*Didnt know where else to ask this*

I see that there is an import thread Smile , But Im wondering if there is a way to export a model from the game, and then into blender. The only reason I ask is, I am pondering making a ship. I have a few sketches and before I start my model, I want to see the "scale" of some of the SPG2 ships in blender. I have done some modding for skyrim and it was fun making my own weapons and crap to throw in the game. And, scaling was one of my issues doing that. Now, I want to step up, so to speak, and try something a bit harder. But, without the scaling, Im afraid that I will end up having to scale the thing too many times to get it right. Is there any way to import the models?

[EDIT]Woot!! I got my first "test" model into the editor...*wipes head*
Now I just have to figure out the details....:/

I have searched, but to avail...Is there any examples of how to get things like engine exhaust/lights/beacons(etc) on ships? Or, do I use assets from other models?
I figured out the turrets, but thats about
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Heya there B4DDAWG, check the latest sticky on Modding and Scripts Wink Hope it'll help Smile

How do you assign your textures? My ship is black as night. I see an arrow on the right but I can't get anything to work. Also, would anybody know how to export spec and diff maps from Blender?

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This is a standard look of the model upon importing, there's on the textures part of the left panel 3 slots, then simply click on the appropriate arrow to open the Explorer, and then check the down format section where you can switch for the explorer to list all format files, .tga of .dds which we normally use. Of course, navigating to the right folder is needed, as well as having a model inside the main game root folders. After that, it's all about playing with the material itself.

Another way, sometimes may be even faster is to use the editor to import the model inside the game, saving it, and then quick-editing it outside the editor in notepad for instance.

Help please. I figured out the Material Editor issue. Good old run as admin ftw. But, my current newbness issue is I can't figure out how to export my texture maps for this game. Can anybody point me at a guide or walkthrough for setting up and exporting maps from Blender? Thanks, I'm dieing here.

Well, can't say I'm good with Blender, so am not gonna go smart here (in my case Max and Modo ftw Wink) . So lemme just make a few assumptions and questions. I suppose you have textures already painted in Blender, and all you need is to somehow export them or save them? Or are you having an issue with exporting the model with the correct UV map?

Okay, I'm pretty sure I've resolved my mesh issues. I know how to create and arrange the UV map, but actually creating the skins is not working for me. I set up a texture map in Photoshop and saved it as a .dds but the Material Editor still shows the model as black even after pointing it to the file. I'm also having a hard time with the normal map. It's looks right but has no surfacing. The blue areas don't seem to have any simulated depth like the Normal Map examples I've seen, just blue islands. We're not even going to talk about the special map yet. Can anybody offer any assistance? Thanks.

p.s. I'm having trouble with the Engine Effects too.

Alrighty then Running_Bear, Can you pack the model (OBJ) and textures (in whatever format they may be) and send them to That's our main reports hub in a way, and I'll take the files and take a look at 'em, will see what seems to be the problem and will write a review. We'll have it settled in no time Smile