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[GUIDE] Importing Models

EDIT: Does ASE stand for 3D studio Max ASCII Scene?

which other versions of 3ds max work with the ASE plugin already installed? before getting one I'd rather know.

also, the only format accepted by the game editor is ASE? I tried loading in the Material Editor a .OBJ, but it wouldn't work. it crashes on the load.

Yes, ASE stands for ASCII, you have in default Max (in our case 3dsMax 2014 currently).

Also, X format should work, we've tested kW Exporter for 3ds MAX, and also the X file exported through Milkshape3D.

3DsMax2014 OBJ exported file also must work, since we're importing through this file currently. Can you please send you *OBj file to so we can take a look. And is your OBj exported from Max or some other 3d software?

There could be something else involved here, so it's best to see and fix it Smile

Thanks in advance Smile

Ok, I'm getting 3ds max EDU 2014 then Smile Unless you recommend 2015?

OBJ exported from 3d Object Converter 32bit 5.30 (I run a x64 OS), 2014 has no plugin repository I could make use of.

I'll try to upload the model once I believe it is acceptable.

Thanks Dark_Ansem for 3d Object Converter tip, we'll check the OBJ file from this one, it's most assuredly a minor detail that causes the crash, guess our importer will have to be tweaked a bit.

Well, there's 2015 coming in, but we'll probably keep the 2014 as the main one for awhile longer, though there really shouldn't be any problems if you got the newer one, at least I can't remember any tools we use that might come in jeopardy in the following Max edition Wink

I wondered if it still had the ASE exporter Tongue only that Smile If it doesn't, I'll get the 2014 version.

Hi Guys

I still have problems when creating Collision Whale Models.
Could someone please explain that in more detail.
I do it this way.

Material Editor

1. Material Properties > Import New Model > assagning the right textures > Save Whale Model

2. Load Whale Model > Save Collision Whale Model.

The editor crashes when I try to load the asb.

What am I doing wrong ?

A short step by step guide would be very helpful.

Here you can read more about a way to properly import your collisions to the engine.

Can you post here please the chunks from your asb file where collision meshes paths are written in? Here's an example of how it should look like from Bishop.asb:

MeshName: Spg2\Models\Ships\Bishop\colShot.mdl
MeshName: Spg2\Models\Ships\Bishop\colHit1.mdl
MeshName: Spg2\Models\Ships\Bishop\colHit2.mdl

Here we have 3 meshes, CollisionMesh is for firing and shots calculations, and the ConvexCollisionMeshes are used for crashing into objects - for Bishop 2 meshes were needed.

Now, I suspect there is probably something wrong in your .asb file as you've stated the .asb file crashes when trying to load, so additional info or the asb file itself would come in handy Smile

is there a ASE exporter for Gmax yet? I did get blender but I`m kind of use to using Gmax for my modding needs and modelling when I get time to do some

really like to add ships to the game myself got a lot I want too add too it


[Image: do.php?img=50551]

Hi Darkdrone!

Well, Gmax was not on the list for support, but ASE is a relatively simple format, so we're putting it on the list for support now, and will have our programmers to check the gmax a bit better before I can really say yes or no.

Thanks for posting the software you'd like us to make a support for, more the merrier, and easier for us to make priorities Smile

PS: Have you tried the OBJ file from gmax? Asking because .OBJ file should also work.., could be some differences betwen that may cause slight issues, but that's would be idealSmile

thanks for adding it to the list Smile

just took alook Gmax cant export .obj files I`ve looked online cant seem to find a plugin for it Sad

[Image: do.php?img=50551]