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[GUIDE] Importing Models

seem to be having problems with the MaterialEditor even if I use the below files

soon as I import the model the editor crashs back to the desktop everytime?
any idea why?


[Image: do.php?img=50551]

Hmm.. one thing coming to my mind is the fact that models and textures you're working with have to be inside your game root directory. Could that be the case?

If it still doesn't work, can you send your log.txt file immediately after the Material editor crashes to so he can take a look? Smile I know he likes them logs a lot Wink


np just sent the Log.txt by e-mail with whats happing thanks for the help

[Image: do.php?img=50551]

Aaah yes, got it Smile Thanks for sending the log Darkdrone, Oliver informed me already Smile

This is the deal:

The obj file you've downloaded ("Myrmidon_Import_Export_Tutorial.obj") is a file that consists all of the example ELEMENTS one would need to make a model - from the base mesh, to its derelict forms, collision groups, engine effects, decals etc. Smile Thus it crashes the editor, for it does not support GROUPED meshes. The example zip file was given to public in Max and Obj formats so you guys can easily import them into your 3d modeling tools and check them out properly (hence the generic .OBJ format).

I downloaded the file myself just to check it out again and it couldn't import (logical enough Smile), but then loaded the file into my Max, opened it, isolated the base mesh and then exported the base mesh which can normally import to our editor.

I suppose you've seen the example file in your modeling software? If so, i believe you catch my drift Smile - there's all kinds of texts, groups, meshes, practically all is there.

Now, that said, it still doesn't explain why your own mesh wouldn't import into the material editor.
Few blitz questions:
1) What program do you use for exporting?
2) What's the polycount of the mesh you're trying to import?
3) Are there any groups you're trying to import?

That covers the first batch of my questions. Smile
Alternatively, you can always send me your mesh file (desirebly backed by .OBJ) to so I may better see what could be afoot here O_o. We'll sort this out in no time Smile

Going to sit down and go though it all step by step again tomorrow if I run into the same problem I`ll let you know
kind run out of time for today

I do understand about the file setup Smile done a lot of modding over the years so I go back over it all again tomorrow to make sure

thanks for all the help

[Image: do.php?img=50551]

No problem Darkdrone, a fellow modder - enthusiast (been doing a lot of that in my younger days). If there's anything I can do to help ya out, just yell! Wink Smile

Can you please make a special guide, how to make materials in 3ds Max Slate Material Editor?
[Image: Join_Emp.gif]

Grand Admiral Darth Skats [Image: GrandAdmiral.gif]

Hi Skatsanni, welcome among the modding bunch! Smile

Well, if I'm reading this correctly, there is no special way of making materials in Max for our models. You simply assign a material to a slate, and then apply it to the model.
You can download and see that in thist hread here:

Model and textures Overview and Example DownloadLink, pinned on the first page of Modding and scripts thread Smile

There you have a max file and an obj with all the needed meshes for an SPG2 ship.

Basically you model a ship, make Uvs and texture the ship – standard procedure, export it as .OBJ, and then later on, in our Material Editor assign wanted textures to a model and tweak the specularity, reflections and other material properties.

I encourage you to check the 2D/3D CHATTERBOX and TEXTURES QUICK INFO threads as well – there, you'll have more information on textures themselves Smile

Any questions Skatsanni, fire away Smile

I have one: when are you going to update the modding tools, including more stability?
Will they benefit from the XML conversion and\or from the new scripting language?

After we address other critical issues. We are very interested in giving as much as we can to the modders.