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Mod manager

Dear everyone,

I already mailed modding support, but not sure if this is actually a quicker way or not.

So I have been playing starpoint gemini warlords for a bit and thought it would be amazing to add my own commander pictures and maybe try my luck at adding a warlord or more.

However though everyone indicates there should be a mod manager program inside the installation folder of starpoint gemini, I cannot find one. I also googled to find a download link, but that too turned out fruitless. So my question is... where is the mod manager? I might have turned blind, but I doubt that.

I thank you all for your time in advance, was really looking forward to modding but hit a dead end already Sad

Even I encountered the same problem.

I just recently bought this game played out the campaign scenario. I was thinking of tweaking things around to see what kind of modding was possible.

I read a lot of modding tutorials which mention a mod manager which is supposed to be used to pack the mod. But, I can't seem to find any such application in the installation directory.

I bought  Starpoint Gemini Warlords along with the Deadly Dozen DLC from Steam. I do not have Starpoint Gemini 2 or the Digital Deluxe DLC in case the mod manager is part of  one of those.

I could try install Gemini 2, I do remember using a mod manager there a long time ago, wasn't much into modding back then though. But I doubt you would need to buy SPG2 to mod warlords... at least I hope not.

No, I don't think it should be necessary to install SPG2 for modding this since it is a completely different game.

There doesn't seem to be much activity on these forums, so I made a discussion on the Steam community as well. In fact, I think I have even seen activity from devs over there. Better chance for a solution.

Link to Steam discussion

Yes I an confirm devs are active on steam support, they actually help modders by commenting on their mods, must say I love their involvement. Thanks for making the steam post, will see what happens there.