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Hey ya all, time to have a quick overview of the models textures.

There are 3 textures we use per model (1024X1024 each), diffuse map (for example, normal map (for example and so called "special map" (for example

Diffuse- dxt5 argb 8 bpp / interpolated alpha
Normal - dds, argb 32 bpp 8888 / unsigned
Special - dds argb 32 bpp 8888 / unsigned

When it comes to "special texture" it is NOT a specular map by default, it is actually a COMBO of 3 maps in one to save the memory. And that is achieved by the textures RGB CHANNELS which go as follows:

R channel - SPECULAR map
G channel - REFLECTION map
B channel - LIGHT map

This is a quick overview, hope it helps people!

(09-30-2013, 11:32 AM)Tomislav Wrote: This is a quick overview, hope it helps people!

Yes it sure does. Thank you Smile

how can we combine specular, reflection, and light texture in one?

can you post an example from the game of each type?

Here's the image of texture, and how to tap into its RGB channels, it's right by the Layers tool.

In Myrmidon's case, Specular map is in relative high contrast, where the scratches are highlighted.

Reflection map is much more balanced, except for these inner hull parts; one can always choose let's say a part of the ship's hull to be highly reflective (relatively bright), while other parts to render without any reflection at all (black as the blackest night), it's a matter of preference Smile

Myrmidon's Glow map as we can see here on the image has a lot of "glowy" spots and lines and whose are actually layers we used on a diffuse map, now turned to bright white, applied on the black (non glowy) background. That way Glow map is used as a mask where a white pixel lets the maximum glow to be taken from the according colored pixel on a Diffuse map. Hence we've got here on a glow map a B&W image, while the game renders the glow more or less cyan color (taken from Diffuse).

Here's the image with a quick overview taken from PS and how to setup our Spec combo maps. We can see 3 finished maps (Specular, Reflection and Glow) simply copy each one in its RGB Channel which ultimately creates our (the weird yellow looking one).

[Image: Myrmidon_RGBChannels.jpg]

thanks Smile so the Glow map must be in Black and White only? no blue, for example?

Exactly, Black and White only (it's the only thing possible in Blue Channel anyway), and the BRIGHTNESS OF THE PIXEL REPRESENTS THE INTENSITY OF THE GLOW.

The COLOR of the glow is taken from the DIFFUSE Smile.

If you go and take a look at map, you'll see it has the cyan/blue lines painted on the hull, and those exact lines are white here on the glow channel - which means they will GLOW INTENSELY (taken from Blue channel of the and GLOW CYAN (taken from

That will take more learning then.
Hope more people will join the forums once this is released Smile

To make things more simple when it comes to the glowy parts.

When you paint the diffuse map, simply paint the lights, windows, parts of the texture you want to glow (engines, some reflector lights etc.) as a layer(s) of its own.
These need to be on your diffuse as well as they'll give you the glow color.

And later on, when assembling a Spec texture, simply take that layer, give it a black background, flatten those two layers (mind the UV) and then copy it to a Blue channel in your Spec texture. Tweak a bit if necessary. And that's it Smile.

A bit difficult to understand, let's hope practice makes it better Smile

texturing is my kryptonite...