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Question about ship.

I still have my first ship. My question is, should i keep my money to buy a better one or should i upgrade this one a lot before thinking about buying another one ? If i should upgrade, what is a good start ? Weapons ?

You need new ship. My advice is to pick ship with many marines onboard then capture other ships, sell them and get better ship till you get the one which satisfy you.

If u want to upgrade, focus on your main weapon/transporter.

Personally, I think people put too much into always getting something better. I say, upgrade slow and enjoy the journey. I didn't get out of my Taurus until I had upgraded the weapons and put enhancements on everything. You get your money back when you unmount enhancements, so it's a win/win. This game is all about enjoying the journey. If you're always looking towards bigger and better, that's really all there is and you may feel disappointed when you reach that pinnacle ship and there's little else to motivate you.

Please note, this is my opinion. I'm all about the journey. I think this game is all about the journey too. There's a lot to explore out there, and it's not always, destroy enemies you encounter and that's how you win. Sometimes, enemies are stronger than you and you need to run away to stay alive--it's like real life. Bide your time and enjoy yourself. My first play-through, I stuck around the lower level areas for awhile. I wanted to make sure I decked out my Taurus before I ventured out into the deep unknown.



Thanks, i use to play like that too, i try once to get photon instead of my beam, was a mistake, aiming on a small ship with a photon is really tough.

It's easier to set your weapons on autofire when fighting tiny ships, you usually get better results than trying to shoot them manually.

Best thing i will say is try all the ships and i mean all some are way better then they look on paper due to firing arcs ect, or just for how the feel when you fly them, also how you set a ship up has a massive impact on how it performs this boils down to officers, your perks, ship systems and ship mods fitted.

For example you can go for a full evasion build and fly gunships/corvettes at full speed and hardly ever get shot takes practice but is wholly for filling to achieve, getting to the next size ship isn't always the way learning what ships suit your play style is.
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