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Hard Core game play style

Maybe adding a rogue mode, FTL game style?
And what about a "death counter"? No saves, you repop in your station and loose your ship? Sounds more like RPG, starting with a profile or carrier. Smile

Hardcore style was suggested by few community members some time ago, and we do have some among us that are itching to make just such a mode...

(08-08-2014, 02:24 PM)MarioMihokovic Wrote: Hardcore style was suggested by few community members some time ago, and we do have some among us that are itching to make just such a mode...

And now "impossible mode" to try ^^

Yes i plan on trying an impossible mode game with a gunship start too see how I get on I have to say on normally some area's of the map were brutal even now with a selection of carriers and dreads there are some places I get swarmed and have to bug out sharpish from.

I think in that game i'm level 60+ and as an engineer the shield skills a life saver on harder game settings the gunner and commander just don't have skills that match the engineer class, in RPG term engineer is a tank + support healer I know that balancing of classes is coming and when mercs make it into the game commander will be so much better as half the skills are support buffs that effect hired mercs.

Now the rules I use in my role playing games are no ships I don't have the rank for no killing hero's a lower level then me and no trading from station station or mining unless i'm in freighter or freight liner, if i'm in a trade/mining ship I can't take assassin patrol or sos missions. I can take taxi, hauling, with trade ships. I can take scan and repair missions in all ships, and any combat missions require me to use a combat ship.

I was thinking that I might use a death punishment system and lets say i died i have to sell the ship i was in on reload and no question asked go back to flying a gunship as my escape pod for 30 mins or something. Might also imposes a credit fine depending on ship class lost so i'd have to buy cargo and dump it into space or weapon systems and sell for a loss.

Now in terms of a hardcore mode how about rolling back say 5 levels or one rank and loosing the last skill points added and perk point gained and once that ship is dead it's gone you respawn with the starting ship you had and loose a set percentage of your banked credits. I think dead meaning you can't play that save again is maybe a little harsh but how about on harder modes you suffer reputation looses for failing missions or death too?

That sounds interesting. There are couple of ideas we're thinking about adding to impossible level... just to make it literary almost impossible

What would be ideal is a check list of different penalty variables the player can choose from when starting "impossible" difficulty, that way everyone can tailor it to their own tastes, and the variety extends the replay value and long term challenge of impossible mode, without making it "too hard core" for casual gamer that wants to check out impossible mode without facing a fun killing amount of frustration.

Combine this with some kind of achievement style Steam unlocks or whatnot and people would have a fun way to see how they stack up against other impossibles in various categories.
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Special achievements for higher difficulties - good idea. Would give players on hard settings something to brag about (with good reason) Smile

Like I said before, special unlocks (like being able to start free roam play as one of the heroes) would also make it feel more fulfilling, and give people something extra to earn, and encourage more people to give impossible mode a try that otherwise wouldn't bother.
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Ordinarily, if all the bugs were gone, I'd enjoy the option. However, as Silveressa pointed out, dying because of a phone call or a system crash would seriously upset me. I'm normally rather calm, but I fear for my 50in monitor should I try this right now.

I went through the campaign first on normal to get a feel for it, then 2 more times on easy to try out the other classes. Now I'm on extreme with my customized Tzar and 2 merc dread naughts. I'm loving the challenge to go head on into an enemy base and fight for survival against countless carriers and dreadnoughts.

Now, if I could fully customize my mercs and they would stay in supporting range rather than chasing down an enemy on the other side of the map only to get themselves surrounded and destroyed... then yes... I'd like the option.
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