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Question about editing ship stats.

I've been trying to edit the Poseidon's weapon energy stats, via the .shp file using notepad. But even though I change the value and save it's not doing anything in game.

Anyone have any idea why?


You'll need to change the values in the weapon's base file, under spg2 -> Base

Hope that helps Smile
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I think he is talking about weapon energy recharge and buffer, which are indeed ship related. Maybe you set up your mod wrong and/or didn't activate it. Also make sure to restart game after each change to be sure it applied.

full guide:

And easy way to edit weapon recharge rates is and officer edit then you can set recharge rate, battery energy ect without touching ship files at all.

That's how I went about improving ships I edited officers to enhance the ships the way i want, I litrally just found a station with 3 officers and found the ID# for the skills i wanted and that was that so they say.
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^^ that's actually a horribly obtuse way to go about it, frankly.

unfortunately, it appears that the .shp files are not correctly editable any more from what I can see; they are all binary now.

this tells me that the reason his modifications aren't working, is because the game no longer recognizes standard modded text files for ships.


ah, I see what's going on. they compressed the files. WHY? what use is compressing 70 5k files?


anywho. to the OP, if they ever come back to read this, or to anyone else trying to figure this out.

... to edit existing .shp files, you have to find the original text files that are included in a zip file in the sg2 directory and edit THOSE. then you have to make it into a mod and put it into the mod folder.

hell, even their current included material editor CAN'T read the compressed files they made!! what a lark.