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game visually freezes but continues in background

all audio continues in background and i am able to hear when my courser passes over the dialogue options, and select them, but the screen does not unfreeze. i have to alt+tab out at which point the screen is white and unresponsive, courser not visible unless on task bar. when right clicking the games icon and selecting close window i am met with a message to say that the game is not responding. this happens during cut scenes, dialogue, docking, and in flight. seemingly random. when i verify the integrity of the steam files there is always 1 that has to be re downloaded, then the game works fine for a while, until this all happens again and i have to re download that file.

game files verified 3x in steam

os: windows 10 64bit
gpu: nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb
cpu: i5-6400 2.7ghz
ram: 16gb

i have already emailed my save/log to support

If guys received your files, they're working on it already. I can definitely say it cannot be hardware related because you have a machine that way surpasses technical requirements...