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[2015/6/11] Update v1.5000 - SG2: Origins FREE DLC!


patch notes thread:

Here's a little something from us here at LGM Smile. We've been working hard to get this DLC out. It's free as stated before and as promised in Early Access. It's a THANK YOU from us to You, the community, for your support and dedication, and for putting up with us all this time. We couldn't have wished for more.

I won't bore you too much. Below is the list of fixes we've done for the vanilla game and Secrets of Aethera which you might also find useful Wink.

IMPORTANT: Since there were some major changes in the game world, please note that any mod should be made specifically for Origins so it would work properly (depends on what the mod changes of course).

If you encounter any problems, let us know Smile.

You know how this last bit goes already:
Safe travels, Captains! Smile

FIXED: An issue where Iolian NPCs would equip Unique codename weapons
FIXED: An issue where enemies would launch wings with zero fighters
FIXED: A problem preventing Cloak stability parameter to work as expected
FIXED: A bug concerning Targeting mode and cutscenes/dialogue segments where the player doesn't have the control of his/her ship
FIXED: A database error in the localized versions that could cause the game to crash
FIXED: An error in At an empire's end mission with ships exploding in advance
FIXED: Numerous text errors
Thanks for this goes to Unbroken as he's done the additional proofreading.
FIXED: A typo in the DerelictOnDestroy.sal script preventing it from reaching its full potential.
FIXED: An error that could in some cases cause the game to crash when storing a ship into the garage
FIXED: Old friends mission - A bug where boarding a structure you're supposed to destroy would break the mission
UPDATED: Gladius group bounty hunters now T-jump in closer to the player. When you see their message on screen, you'll spot them on the radar as well.
UPDATED: Sorting ships by ship class when generating Freelance missions. You should no longer be fighting against level 1 freightliners. This can still happen, but not as frequently.
UPDATED: Mod Manager to reflect the addition of the Origins DLC
ADDED: Logitech Extreme 3D Pro throttle(slider) support. If you're using keyboard/mouse control scheme, you can now manually bind the slider to accelerate/decelerate
ADDED: Tooltips for context menu in Controller mode
ADDED: Scripterion2 to provide more functionality and ease-of-use. In time this will replace the original Scripterion altogether.

Saw the update go live, New <Free> DLC and that some "Every thing is Awesome" popped into my head! (My 8 yr old sings it all the time)

LGM you people rock!


I would like to make sure I get those "fixes" for the vanilla (Gemini2) game. Do I need to install either of the DLC's (Secrets or SG1) in order to get the fixes for the main game (I'm still playing through Gemini2)?

I got the game through Steam.



Why do you bother ? just install the Origine DLC, it's free Smile
I purchased the game on Steam, so my game is up to date Smile

And for GOG version ?

(06-18-2015, 04:27 PM)yoggsothoth Wrote: And for GOG version ?

Of course we'll give the Origins to our GoG community too. Smile
Take more time than for Steam, but it will be there soon, I think.
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