Bounty hunting comes with the latest 1.100 update of Warlords

The highlight of this update, along with the usual tweaks and fixes, is the Bounties system.

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Greetings captains of Gemini!

No slowing down in the LGM HQ. It’s time for another update. The highlight of this update, along with the usual tweaks and fixes, is the Bounties system. In preparation of the first DLC “Deadly Dozen” coming today as well (watch out for another announcement later today!), the update implements the Bounties system into the game. Check out the Bounties in the Personal Log screen and hunt those buggers down!

Check out the details in the change-log and expect more content coming in future updates!

Safe travels captains!



  • Added the Bounties system
    • The Personal Logs has a new tab called “Bounties” where you can read more about each target.
    • The key is to see in which region a bounty target is active.
    • Get in that region and look for the bounty’s lackeys. They belong to a special faction called “Liberated”.
    • Beating the lackeys into a pulp will reveal the hiding location of their “boss”.
    • Kick the boss in the proverbial behind and claim the reward.
  • Added full support for additional downloadable content (the technical bits work similar to mods).
  • Added the DLC section to the game launcher.
  • Added a couple of new player portraits (both male and female).
  • Carriers buffed to make them more usable.
  • Fixed an error related to fighter wings not being properly read from ship template files.
  • Your fleet will no longer jump in to help you out while you’re fighting in the Gladiatrix arenas.
  • Long news titles (two lines) are now properly centered on their corresponding list items.
  • Fixed a couple of faulty enhancement bonuses that reduced instead of increased some light weapon stats.
  • Fixed an error that would manifest on the Skills/Perks panel when using gamepads.
  • Pressing the Esc button on the Customization screen now asks whether to save the changes or not (if any change was made).
  • In some cases, the game could get confused and switch to the Drydock panel from the System / Equipment trader. This no longer happens.
  • Damage to Veteran bonus is now named Damage to Warmasters.
  • Fixed an error that would make the game launcher log grow in size indefinitely. It didn’t get properly purged of data.
  • Opening the Personal log screen automatically switches to the Bounties tab.
  • In some cases, news text was cut off. This no longer happens.
  • Several changes done to better support Xbox 360 controller


  • Added an alternative camera movement mode
    • Switch to the mode via the checkbox in the Tools panel.
    • Rotate the camera around the focus with the middle mouse button.
    • Move the camera using W-S-A-D or the arrow keys.
    • Move the up/down using R/F or PageUp/PageDown.
    • Roll the camera using Q/E.
    • To speed up movement, press and hold the Shift key.
    • To slow down movement, press and hold the Tab key.
  • When clicking on the Editor screen while a dropdown menu is open, the dropdown will automatically close.
  • Drag and drop a texture file into the Editor screen to reload it in memory. Makes iterations quicker.
  • Removed a number of redundant options. They weren’t real options, just dead pixels.
  • Updated the Tutorials link.
  • Repositioning particles, turrets and meshes no longer repositions the main light source.
  • Deleting an assembly object now works as intended and will no longer cause the Editor to crash somewhere down the line.
  • Fixed a couple of minor errors related to the Ship turret parameters panel.

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The A'Shriari devastated the solar system, central territory of the Empire. In that whole chaos, the Starpoint to Gemini was reopened. First the remnants of the once glorious Empire came into Gemini, but the all-out war that soon followed decimated the faction, and caused the Empire to perish, once and for all.

What was left were small pockets of Imperial loyalists, too weak to have any impact on the global Gemini politics. The second wave of exiles changed that.

In the months following the last war thousands of humans from the Solar system fled to Gemini, seeking refuge from the A’Shriari aliens. They were not greeted with joy. Instead they were sent to a barely habitable planet in the outer Gemini region called Phaehana. There they built for themselves at least some sort of a meager existence.

They call themselves the Solari Concord, casting away any connection to the hated empire, but at the same time honoring their Earthly heritage. Thousands more joined them on the planet of Phaeneros. It was time to think ahead and carve a place for themselves among the twin suns of Gemini.