Is Starpoint Gemini 2 a multiplayer game or an MMO?
No. Starpoint Gemini 2 offers a free play mode in an open universe that spans across dozens of sectors. A singleplayer campaign is not yet available in this phase of Early Access but will become available once the game reaches the final stages of development.

What platforms will Starpoint Gemini 2 be available on?
Starpoint Gemini 2 is primarily a PC game. We are still analyzing our options regarding potential Mac and Linux releases.

Will the game feature modding support?
Yes! The initial Steam Early Access release will come bundled with a material editor for ship and particle editing and a world editor at a later date. Both tools will be further developed over time to simplify the editing process.

What languages will the game be available in?
The Steam release will definitely come in English and German and will feature professional voice acting. The retail version will also be in German.

How long will Early Access last?
We plan to implement any community suggestions that our budget from the Early Access sales can afford.

Which controlers will the game support?
The game will initially support mouse and keyboard controls. However, we plan to add support for gamepads and joysticks.

If I make a video from the game content, visuals, audio etc and post it on YouTube and I monetize on this, is that ok by LGM Games? (thanks to the esteemed Selgald of Steam for helping with this)
Sure. We have nothing against that. Go crazy! Just don’t sell the individual materials (music, textures etc..). That would suck ;).

My game won’t start, help!
This may sound like a cliche but we’d recommend that you go ahead and update your graphics drivers. We’d recommend an update of graphics drivers regardless because they can boost your performance. Should the problem persist, then let us know by following these instructions: Sending us the game log

Where can I find out more about the game?
Feel free to browse our current manual Game manual on Steam It covers the current anticipated gameplay elements.

Do I need to play Starpoint Gemini to enjoy the story in Starpoint Gemini 2?
While there are lore references to be found in Starpoint Gemini that would enrich your experience, none of them are necessary to enjoy the new story arc in Starpoint Gemini 2. New players can even take a look at the official Lore threads on our forums which easily bridge the timeline gap between the two campaigns. Official forum – Lore thread

My question about the game is not listed here. What do I do?
Join our forums! We were fortunate enough to assemble a helpful & friendly community and even many modding enthusiasts.