1 Year Anniversary!


Esteemed Gemini captains!

We sailed into the uncharted waters of Steam exactly 1 year ago, and our ship has gone through many storms (of bugs and crashes). With your help and guidance, we are still above water, and sailing ahead.

To mark the anniversary, we’d like to reveal a few new things to come…

First, Starpoint Gemini 2 will get another DLC, called “TITANS”. Yep, that is the one you never stopped talking about, and we just had to go for it. I don’t think special description is needed, name says it all :)

Second, Starpoint Gemini Warlords is coming along nicely and in the next day or two first screenshots will be revealed. All of you that participated in thousands of our suggestions threads, will probably recognize a lot of the stuff discussed there.

Last, did we mention that all SPG franchise games are now at 70 percent off on Steam? :)

Thank you all again and safe travels!

LGM Games team